X-COM: UFO Defense

X-COM: UFO Defense

Magnum Dong Jan 6, 2014 @ 1:40am
What are the release dates for all X-COM games?
I just bought the X-COM Complete Pack and was wondering,what are the release dates for all of them? I want to know what one to play first,second,third, ect. And not the release dates of when they where put on steam, when they where made. And maybe some tips for a noob?
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Georgi Jan 6, 2014 @ 1:47am 
Wikipedia can help you on that
Nick Naughty Jan 6, 2014 @ 2:48am 
X-Com UFO Defense
X-Com Terror from the Deep
X-Com Apocalpse
X-Com Inceptor
X-Com Enforcer
Feesh Jan 6, 2014 @ 10:32pm 
I would probably skip over Interceptor and Enforcer. Especially Enforcer. Both are spin-off games that have little to do with the core games.
Torgaddon Jan 17, 2014 @ 5:39am 
Timeline wise

UFO Defence is 1st
Enforcer happens around the same time as UFO Defence so 2nd
Terror from the deep is 3rd.
Intercepter is 4th
And Apocalpse is 5th.

Pointless trivia
UFO Aftermath was suppost to be X-COM Genesis set 100 years after Apocalypse
UFO Defense was in 94
Terror From the Deep was 95
Apoc was 97.

I'm not sure about Interceptor or Enforcer.

Now, as for tips for a noob...

First and formost start with X-Com UFO Defense.

As for quick and dirty noob tips.
1) Play on beginner. It's tough enough, trust me.

2) Build your base in Europe or the US. The US pays more individually, but the collective funding from Europe is significantly more. I tend to go for Europe for this reason... Well technically I go for Antarctica but that's because I'm a masochist.

3) Hire 6 extra soldiers, and as many scientists as you can until your living quarters is full. Once you have a better feel for the game you can max out on scientists and just run with your initial 8 soldiers, but 14 soldiers lets you fill a skyranger, and soak more casualties.

4) Build an additional General Stores, an Alien Containment, two Living Quarters, a Lab and a Long Range Radar. You can also redesign your base at this point as the default layout is terrible, but it's not really essential if you're on beginner.

5) Get your scientists started researching Laser Weapons. Even the humble laser pistol is a massive upgrade over the rifle, and a solid secondary weapon right through to the end of the game.

6) Rearm one of your Interceptors with an Avalanche Missile and a Stingray.

7) Go buy 6 more rifles and a couple dozen clips. Get rid of all the other weapons. Not to say they aren't useful. I use every weapon in the game (except for the basic slug thrower pistol), many of them right through to the final mission. That said using stuff like Rocket Launchers, Autocannons, Heavy Cannons and the like takes some experimentation so I'd suggest just using the basic rifle for your first game. Also buy a dozen or so grenades, 6 or so stun rods, and most importantly 14 electro flares (you'll thank me the first time you do a night terror mission trust me). You can also by a rocket tank if you feel so inclined. It's a handy scout, and can be useful for clearing terrain but it doesn't gain experience like your soldiers do. Also buy a few more Avalanche missiles.

Whatever you do, make sure you equip your skyranger. It should have 14 soldiers (or 10 soldiers and 1 tank), 14 rifles, 28 clips, 14 electro flares and 14 grenades. Reduce those numbers proportionally for fewer troops.

8) Once your soldiers arrive go through their stats on the soldier screen. You can modify names by clicking on them. It's something of a tradition in X-Com to give your troops goofy names, but more importantly you need to designate soldiers with an accuracy of 65+. These guys will be your snipers. Everyone else gets a nice red shirt and gets to do remarkably dangerous things like "open doors" and "walk across fields". You may want to consider tagging soldiers with reactions of 65+ to work as your dedicated UFO clearers as well, but that isn't essential.

9) Once you get an alien craft on your radar send the interceptor with the avalanche missiles after it. Intercept and press "aggressive attack".

10) Once it's down intercept the crash site with your skyranger. If it's dark out, then wait until morning. It'll stick around. The only times you should be worrying about doing night missions is when it's a terror attack.


1) First, end your turn. This will help cut down on the retaliation you will face when getting off the skyranger.

2) Once it is back to your turn send your first scout out. Step out and to the right or left one square and do a complete 360. Hopefully any aliens he sees have their backs to you. Then clear the landing site.

3) Then start advancing your scouts. If they see an alien have them stop. Do not shoot at the alien. Bring your snipers up further behind and have them take the shots. It is possible for them to shoot across the map, even if they themselves don't see the target and it protects them from reaction fire. You can also use grenades, or the rocket tank to clear terrain or blow up farm houses. You could even consider giving a high strength sniper a rocket launcher to do the same job.

4) Once you find the UFO camp in front of the door for a turn or two until you can get 3 or 4 troops within a couple squares of it. Use your redshirts to go in first, and start blasting.
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