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jas8607 2012年12月24日 22時07分
Unbound key issue
I cant seem to bring up the menu to change plasmids. The notes say press [unbound] but when checking the keybinds there are no actions that are unbounded. Is it possible to have an action not even show up on the keybound list? My os is windows 8 and while I know there is an issue with windows 7/8, I havent had any crashes or other problems
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Mr. Skull 2013年3月21日 23時33分 
I was just looking for this info too. A different poster to a similar question to this one was; you have to find a gene bank to switch active plasmids. That seemed strange to me, but it might be true. I played this game on Xbox 360 first, and I thought you would change plasmids and tonics anytime, but I might be misremembering.
Mr. Skull 2013年4月3日 7時48分 
I was wrong. You can only change active tonics and plasmids at a Gene Bank.
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