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Sunny3 2013년 5월 9일 오전 9시 07분
Game saves from older version?
I played bioshock on my laptop some time ago, and I experianced a game destroying glitch. The one where you have to get a key from a safe, and there isn't a key there, so you could not advance to the next stage. So I just binned the old copy I had (it was only £5 and didnt have the manual, so I knew something would go wrong eventually, haha)

But I saved my save in my documents, hoping I could continue from where I left off when I bought the game on steam. Would this work? Like the key being in the safe now from the older unpatched cd copy I had, to the downloaded one that's currently downloading?

Thanks in advance!
BioShock > 일반 토론 > 제목 정보
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