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Zippy0723 2013年4月14日 7時54分
Nothing happens when i start bioshock
I push the start button, and litearly nothing happens. I have check task manager and it dose start bioshock as a process, not an app, but the proscess dies 5 seconds later, have tried verifying cache and running as admin, any help?
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danicakes 2013年5月7日 3時31分 
I have the exact same issue. I've messed with the sound options, done the whole visibile inactive devices thing that everyone recommends. I've tried running it in Windows 2000, XP and Vista compatibility mode. I even applied -nosound as a set game option with no results. It just does nothing.
ICAntF331MyFAce 2013年5月10日 18時50分 
I am having the same issue
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