Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Download and play new maps and browse weapon finishes and stickers created by the community. Follow your favorite authors and be sure to rate their work. Interested in making content for CS:GO?
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Finish Style
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Lighting and Shader Improvements
The Next Weapon Case
  • M4A1-S
  • G3SG1*
  • USP-S
  • AK-47
  • SSG 08*
  • M249*
  • P250
  • MAG-7*
  • Galil AR*
  • Glock-18
  • Dual Berettas*
  • FAMAS*
  • SCAR-20*
  • XM1014*
  • MP7*
  • MAC-10

We will be making our final selections after September 7th.


Do I need to do anything special to be eligible for this case?
No, all you have to do is submit your designs by September 7th and make sure your item has been finalized on the workshop.

Do I need to use the new paint style in my design?
No, it’s just one more option that you can consider. As with any weapon case, we’ll be looking for variety in art style.

Do I get paid more for a weapon in a higher tier?
No. Every weapon in a case pays out an equal share.

How do I design for a specific tier?
It mainly has to do with visual salience and design specificity. Weapons with bright colors and designs that perfectly complement a weapon’s geometry end up in the upper tiers. Weapons with more subdued colors and/or more randomization in the pattern application end up in the lower tiers.

What can I do to stand out?
Give your weapon a story. This is more than creating a beautiful design; it’s giving the weapon a visible history that hints at a larger narrative. Good examples are the AWP | Asiimov, the P250 | Cartel, AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel, and the P90 | Elite Build.

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