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How to deal with AWP´s in T Spawn on de_dust2
por ✪Frozen✪ #flywiefabiadler
Hey Guys ((: In this little Guide i like to show you how to kill the enemy sniper in T Spawn without showing yourself. Have Fun with this guide and please RATE it <3 Made by Frozen™ and btw i really love TrilluXe and this isn´t a copie o...
Секреты наклеек CS:GO
por Mr. Quicksilver
Это руководство поведует Вам о секретах наклеек "Welcome to the Clutch", "T-Rekt", "Knife Club", "CS ON THE MIND" и "Queen Of Pain"....
[ENG|RU] Inferno smokes | Раскидка смоков на de_inferno
por pap04ka
30 смоков на инферно. 30 smokes for inferno...
Popular, and Effective Trade-Up Contracts
por ★ SouRcE [Trading]
In this guide, I am going to show you the most popular, and effective Trade-Up Contracts. These will both include StatTrak and normal. This guide is not an explanation on how to, and what a trade-up contract is - it is a guide to give you tips on WHAT ...
For Deaf/Mute players
por Princess Fynx
So this is perfect if you're deaf or mute such as myself, I felt I wanted to help others like me for competitive styled playing. This will be an exact step-by-step for all the noobies. <3...
Smokes + Training Console Commands
por ☼ Chilly ☼
Команды для тренировок CS:GO
por .Otrix
Список консольных команд для тренировки. ...
Раскидка смоков(12шт) на de_dust2
por Frell
В данном туториале я вам покажу 12 как простых, так и сложных и не мало важных смоков на карте de_dust2 в cs:go(Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)....
Полная настройка Counter Strike Global Offensive
por garwes
Полная настройка Counter Strike Global Offensive. От параметров запуска до настройки прицела....
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