Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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How to Optimize your Radar / Minimap! [COMPLETE]
door Finnelele ❤ [birdbrain]
In this guide I will show you how you can optimize your radar / minemap to your liking! I´m trying to keep it simple for the newcomers but still detailed! :)...
Weapon's Specific Damage
door :SnowYou4Times:
In this guide, you'll learn all weapon's damage based on where the bullet hit, and if the target is armored or not. Indeed, you'll be able to buy a weapon instead of an other if the enemy team is in eco round or not, if they are armored or not. Certai...
Overpass Smokes (+Fake)
door Jk
The main and the new version (on my own) on the application of all types of grenades. Guys, don't forget to leave comments on guidance and evaluation. Thanks :) Full HD PNG. In create Full HD video guide....
CSGO FLASH GLITCH/Become Immune to Flash
door Kable
This glitch can be used anywhere including competitive and casual , Its a very easy and simple process....
Hoe oefen ik mijn nades?
door I'm Nitro
Een kleine gids voor de mensen van Pearhana, lekker makkelijk in het Nederlands, over hoe je een game opstart waarbij je op je gemak alle smokes kan oefenen....
door Monolova
You cant....
What is competitive? [Low Level Edition]
door Aalmena
This guide accurately describes what sorts of difficulties you might run into while playing competitive games in CS:GO...
How to play matchmakings/competetive without russia
door SHaRk
Hello. I want to tell how to play without russia on official CS:GO servers. (sorry if this will don't work but this is working on my CS:GO) (sorry for mistakes but im from... nevermind) ...
CSGO matches with ze RUSSIANS
door ☆Swiftie☆
Hello everyone and thanks for clicking this guide! Dont you hate it when you go into matchmaking , get into the match , but then hear your teammates and they only speak russian............ During the match the only thing what they say to you are sw...
door 7.2 year old swaglord
Double tap W *psst* if u hold shift and press 'W' you walk!!1!1!1...