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All "Official" Maps Nade Spots and more (Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Train, Cache, Cobblestone, Overpass and many more)
by Mach1ne
In this Guide i will show Nade Spots in All "Official Maps" and more. At the moment Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Train, Cache, Cobblestone, Overpass, Season e beta version Tuscan. I will edit it adding many more....
How to solo queue, behaviour, call outs, etc.
by LAZOmotherfuckingJESUS
A guide which leads you to the perfect behaviour for solo queuing. The best way to keep up the good attitude with the people in your team....
How to not be shit at CS:GO
by Sike
In this incredibly detailed guide, i will teach you how not to be utter garbage, get constantly screamed at by people (russians) and make lots of dosh....
How to unbox in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
by [PRO] Linus (cool) #swag - COD
How to succeed in the unboxing of COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE crates....
How to bring back the tactical shield and balance it for competitive play.
by tiki
A short look at how valve/hidden path could bring back the tactical shield from the old era of CS while keeping it balanced for competitive play as well as injecting more life into the game by mixing up the old CS formula a bit....
Best Way to Kill Someone in Counter Strike : Global Offensive.
Really useful tips on how to shoot really well in CS:GO!...
A small tip for bunnyhopping in CS:GO.
by Recusing //
Many Proplayers take the wheelup for the jumping, not the space. So open the console and type: Bind "mwheelup" "+jump" Viele Pro's in CS:GO benutzen statt der Leertaste das Scrollrad an der Maus, um zu bhoppen. Um das zu machen, öffne...
Improving tips for Russians and French
by Lantecer ☢
Please Note: This guide should have no racist inclinations. I make it just because i noticed that players from these countrys are mostly not communicating (or only in their own language), and i want to give tips to improve that. ...
how to get them grill
by Life Changing Taco
gotta get them grill...
C.yka Blyat (С.ука Блять)
by Rezej
Наименование основных карт (russian)!
by tie`zo
Это поможет новичкам ориентироваться на картах благодаря названий и быстро передавать информацию своим "тиммейтам". ...
De Plata a Águila: Mejorando tu Juego
by addictedpro
En esta guía aprenderás a moverte, spotear, apuntar, disparar, clutchear, respirar, concentrar, pensar, encontrar tu sensibilidad, conseguir la ventaja, usar psicología, y más, para ayudar a mejorar tu juego....
Обновление 30.09.2014 [RUS]
by Lamobot
о выпуске 30 сен 2014 года - [Геймплей] - Tec-9: дальнейшее улучшение точности и дополнительно уменьшение отдачи. [Карты] -Overpass -Исправлена оши...
Guide to Economy/Money System in Competitive Match
by Mach1ne
In this guide I will try to explain the economic system of the CSGO competitive, suggesting choices and behaviors that can make the difference....
How to be Good at CS? DROP CASUAL!
by pnd.
New players picking up CS:GO are often playing a CS title for the first time. New players often jump in casual because they have a fear of being judged or messing up their rank and being stuck there. This guide will explain why new players should NOT play...
Helpful autoexec commands
by osh
Some commands that i found helpful using....
Todo sobre la Operación BreakOut (Al detalle y con imagenes)
by JRD -
¿Tienes dudas sobre la Operación BreakOut?¿Quieres saber como mejorar tu moneda a ORO?...
Smokes on Dust 2
by BOT Yuri
All smokes on dust 2 in 1 gif
Будьте внимательны!
by lomsk
Как переименовать бомбу в CS:GO
by {BRB} Big Russian Bear❤whores
В этом руководстве я расскажу вам, как переименовать бомбу в CS:GO....
Guide to the AWP
by Spray and pray :p
How to play the most important role in the game, the AWPer...
Practical CS GO Gameplay Improvement
by GottaSniff #rumblin
Many guides currently out there are by writers who I believe cover steps that are not necessary or expect newer players of the game to simply "get it" fast. This guide is not that. This guide will give you PRACTICAL explanations and steps to improve your ...
[CS:GO] Настройка прицела
by Frops™ *LogTech *BenQ
В этом маленьком руководстве я вам раскажу как изменять прицел и настраивать его под себя! Надеюсь что мой руководство вам понравится!...
ex_interp 0.01 or 0.1?
by fjorttis
Firstly Interp means interpolation. So, basically it “interpolates” packets of data coming in to your pc/net connection. The interpolation occurs like this: lets say 10 frames (video frames or packets of data) are displayed on your com...
How to feed a troll.
by Jon Howerd
This comprehensive guide will show you how to make trolls fat, full of your rage and hate....
Defend B BombSite at Inferno (dont let them kill you)
by Cashburner
Defend strategies for the inferno map....
by DI@ℬℓO ✔
DECOY A guide about Decoy grenade "When thrown, the decoy grenade emulates the sound of the most powerful weapon you are carrying, creating the illusion of additional supporting forces." [/q...
How To Smoke CONNECTOR? [de_cobblestone]
by Cashburner
Hope you smoke this ct guy who iz camping in the window. Get him mad and then scream: "You mad bro? :D) ...
The deagle role / How to deagle and be efficient
by Dundie the Deaglemaster[^._.^]ノ彡
The deagle is the best gun in the game, if you learn how to use it. I will try to teach you how....
Реалистичное движение оружия.
by lomsk
Реалистичное движение оружия. Realistic movement of weapons....
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