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De_cache - Smokes to know absolutely
by Bleh!
Compilation of smokes to know absolutely to play de_cache on competitive match. Based on 64 ticks servers (Matchmaking) Used viewmodel position Classic. [url=
Моя тактика по тренировке стрельбы (Aim-a)
by zon1x
For english m8's.
by SundeX
Это руководство поможет писать некоторыми символами. This guide will help you to write the simbols....
"Путь ниндзя" в CS:GO (RUS/РУС)
by 3vaL
Это руководство о пути ниндзя - одном из стилей игры в CS:GO. В нём даны некоторые советы и приёмы, которые помогут изменить ваш стиль игры, сде...
SoloQ'da Başarının Anahtarı 10 adımda 12 adım :D(TR)
by K0jakk
SoloQ çağımızın vebası, sürekli olarak solo oynayan forever alone kardeşlerim için mikemmel bir rehber....
CS:GO Tips that every Silver or Gold Nova should know
by Spirit
Ever find yourself having to tell a team mate "aim at head hieght" or "don't buy lets eco"? Not everyone knows all the strategies, tactics or mechanics to the game. Perhaps you don't know some yourself. This guide is everything you need to know as a ...
CS:GO Trading guide!
by Hotdog.
Guide for getting skins and getting rich on steam!...
Commands for training(Консольные команды для тренеровки)
by RSG#DCHannel
2 Cobblestone Boosts (de_cbble)
by Chopper
2 Cobblestone Boosts (de_cbble) 1080p 60FPS !...
So you want to AWP better
by ◢◤The Dark Knight◢◤
Most AWPing guides cover the basics, however they don't tell you how individualized it is. I don't consider myself a great AWPer, however it is up to your judgement whether or not you are good at AWPing. I will cover the basics, as well as analyzing som...