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De_cache - Smokes to know absolutely
by Bleh!
Compilation of smokes to know absolutely to play de_cache on competitive match. Based on 64 ticks servers (Matchmaking) Used viewmodel position Classic. [url=
Моя тактика по тренировки аима
by zon1x
For english m8's.
Бинды (Binds) для покупки оружия/боеприпасов в CS:GO
by Vibeee <3 SteelSeries
Что такое bind? Bind - это присвоение определённой клавише выполнения какой-либо команды или ряда команд. Кто играл или хотя бы раз заходил в ...
by SundeX
Это руководство поможет писать некоторыми символами. This guide will help you to write the simbols....
"Путь ниндзя" в CS:GO (RUS/РУС)
by 3vaL
Это руководство о пути ниндзя - одном из стилей игры в CS:GO. В нём даны некоторые советы и приёмы, которые помогут изменить ваш стиль игры, сде...
INFERNO - Top 10 wallbang
by Le cardinal
INFERNO - Top 10 wallbang...
Advanced Negev Guide (pros only)
by Cj2k
It is quite obvious to everyone that the Negev LMG is the best gun in the game known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In an attempt to educate you, and get you to the globalist of elites in no time, I have written this guide....
2 Cobblestone Boosts (de_cbble)
by Chopper
2 Cobblestone Boosts (de_cbble) 1080p 60FPS !...
CS:GO - The Perfect Guide to a Premade
by Channel 11
Counter-Strike Global Offensive - The perfect guide to a premade In this guide you will learn exactly how to create and manage you premade. ...
So you want to AWP better
by ◢◤The Dark Knight◢◤
Most AWPing guides cover the basics, however they don't tell you how individualized it is. I don't consider myself a great AWPer, however it is up to your judgement whether or not you are good at AWPing. I will cover the basics, as well as analyzing som...