Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Warming up + Training in CS:GO
by Alex
CS:GO is one of the most competitive games in the eSports community . This guide will help you how to train and warm up properly in CS:GO . Aim is a crucial part of counter-strike , you need to out-aim the enemy . But , why do you need to warm up in CS:G...
CS:GO Основы: словарь игровых терминов
by 收集
by Monolova
You cant....
How to warmup, and how to train your aim.
by Snowh
This is a guide on how to train your aim, practice your aim, and help you warmup for a game. It will help any player who is new to the game, or otherwise, and my goal is to help everyone that I can....
Overpass Smokes (+Fake)
by Jk #GC
The main and the new version (on my own) on the application of all types of grenades. Guys, don't forget to leave comments on guidance and evaluation. Thanks :) Full HD PNG. In create Full HD video guide....
How To Not Get Scammed !
by Peril
I just unboxed my first knife and I want to sell it! This is how to not get scammed ! Alot of new players I see getting scammed and then they message me after....
Hidden Bomb Plant Spots
by Pookie
In this video i show you some places where you can hide the bomb while planting it....
How to Optimize your Radar / Minimap! [COMPLETE]
by Finnelele ❤ [birdbrain]
In this guide I will show you how you can optimize your radar / minemap to your liking! I´m trying to keep it simple for the newcomers but still detailed! :)...
2 Unknown Smokes A-Site Mirage - Tutorial + Video
by .dakujYa
Hey Guys! With this guide I'll show you how to smoke off palace and t-ramp/action on de_mirage in a different way only with this short tutorial. Those unknown smokes are very easy to recreate and also very effective. The video ...
[ENG/GER] How to change LOD BIAS settings on ATI graphics cards || Ändern der LOD BIAS Einstellungen bei ATI Grafikkarten
by giZmo!!
Hallo zusammen und herzlich willkommen zu meinem aller ersten Tutorial. In diesem Tutorial erkläre ich euch schritt-für-schritt wie man als ATI Grafikkarten Besitzer die LOD BIAS Einstellungen ändert, sehr einfach und ohne die Benutzung von buggy Progr...