Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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How to Optimize your Radar / Minimap! [COMPLETE]
by Finnelele ❤ [birdbrain]
In this guide I will show you how you can optimize your radar / minemap to your liking! I´m trying to keep it simple for the newcomers but still detailed! :)...
Weapon's Specific Damage
by :SnowYou4Times:
In this guide, you'll learn all weapon's damage based on where the bullet hit, and if the target is armored or not. Indeed, you'll be able to buy a weapon instead of an other if the enemy team is in eco round or not, if they are armored or not. Certai...
CS:GO Основы: словарь игровых терминов
by 收集
An efficient way to practice jumps on any map & more ! [Teleport script]
by crashz
Hey, if you ever wondered if there is a efficient way to practice jumps without the need of running back/ nocliping to your start position every time you fail your jump? A great advantage of this is, you are not limited to the spot...
New Hitbox Exploit
by Chopper
A New Hit-Box Exploit - Found by Weekend' 1080p 60FPS ! - Video By AmitKilo...
Overpass Smokes (+Fake)
by Jk
The main and the new version (on my own) on the application of all types of grenades. Guys, don't forget to leave comments on guidance and evaluation. Thanks :) Full HD PNG. In create Full HD video guide....
Tournaments on CS: GO
by vg
The manual is meant for teams of newbies, who don't know where online tournaments in CS: GO...
by Monolova
You cant....
CSGO FLASH GLITCH/Become Immune to Flash
by Kable
This glitch can be used anywhere including competitive and casual , Its a very easy and simple process....
The Best Karambit Fade Guide
by Lights
Everything you need to know about trading Karambit Fades ...