Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Warming up + Training in CS:GO
by Alex
CS:GO is one of the most competitive games in the eSports community . This guide will help you how to train and warm up properly in CS:GO . Aim is a crucial part of counter-strike , you need to out-aim the enemy . But , why do you need to warm up in CS:G...
Top Tricks on Operation Bloodhound
by inc
How to warmup, and how to train your aim.
by Snowh
This is a guide on how to train your aim, practice your aim, and help you warmup for a game. It will help any player who is new to the game, or otherwise, and my goal is to help everyone that I can....
by Frell
I'm BOT FRANK. Приятного просмотра:)...
Làm sao để Tối ưu hóa Radar / Minimap
by CuongChoDien
Guide này sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn làm cách nào để tối ưu Radar/Minimap ingame! Mình sẽ cố hướng dẫn thật đơn giản cho các bạn mới chơi nhưng vẫn sẽ rất chi tiết ! Bạn hãy tùy chỉnh để lấy ra c...
2 Unknown Smokes A-Site Mirage - Tutorial + Video
by .dakujYa
Hey Guys! With this guide I'll show you how to smoke off palace and t-ramp/action on de_mirage in a different way only with this short tutorial. Those unknown smokes are very easy to recreate and also very effective. The video ...
How to solo take mid on de_mirage for Terrorists
by гуманоид с плонеты жопа
How to solo take mid on de_mirage for Terrorists...
Hidden Bomb Plant Spots
by Pookie #OnVACation in France
In this video i show you some places where you can hide the bomb while planting it....
How to be good at Betting in CSGO Lounge
by mikaS
Tips and strategies I use to make profit out of betting. ***Guide has been updated with screenshots and is almost complete (95%)...
Как защитить себя от взлома(сервера кс,тим спик)/How to protect yourself from hacking.
by Mrs.stormeh
Данное руководство поможет вам защитить себя от взлома своего аккаунта. This guide will help you to protect yourself from hacking your account. Put the fingers up, subscribe to my g...