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How to Vote kick yourself !
by K A T Z Y
This is a guide on How to kick yourself !...
Liek sirup?
by Cryu ♥ Weeaboo Hunter
Hear iz guyd on h0w 2 b gud @ cgos?! 1,-: Furst maek pamcoks 2.; than poor sirup 1n pamcoks 3= know pout pamcoks on face 4 yum Dat i$ now 3 b cum g0od aT csog! hoep njoyd!...
How not to be a retard
by Pachalikas
Just die!...
Ставим лайк самому себе
by Kzander
Ставим лайк самому себе...
Russian dictionary
by MadMajor
Here you can find some useful words...
How to play with Russians gamers? Answer here
by Geralt of Rivia
by kosimazaki ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
sry but im from polish kurwa kurwa xddxdxxdddxdd...
The Best Karambit Fade Guide
by Lights
Everything you need to know about trading Karambit Fades ...
Как приготовить пельмени
by Qazy ♞
Зачем вам всякие кс доты и прочие игры, возьмите наверните себе пельменей и жизнь будет прекрасна. Пельмени – знаменитое блюдо рус...
How to play CSGO with high Ping
by Lewkat
In this guide I will try and teach you how to at least be semi-competetive when your ping is too high to play normally....
Какие бывают нубы? Три вида нубов
by Тигрёнок
Нубы в команде CS:GO — поговорим о них Нубы в CS:GO. Я подразделяю их на несколько категорий: 1. Сильверы 2. Забустченные 3. Боты Начнем,пожалу...
Описание ранговой системы соревновательного режима CS:GO
by ◉ D* Fusing Angel ◉
Реальное руководство касательно рангов в CSGO. Объяснение сути ранговой системы...
20 One Way Smokes on Inferno
by Kzander
by #Bumbosas
I see that scammers had found another way to hack into your steam account. My two friends had just lost over 300 euros worth of items and they tried to scam me in the same way but I caught on their attempt to do so. The way this 'hacking...
Double tap W *psst* if u hold shift and press 'W' you walk!!1!1!1...
How to spawn props and entities in CS:GO
by Dedottaded wam
I will be going through the commands "prop_physics_create" and "prop_dynamic_create" as well as how to make explosive canisters in CS:GO that explode oupon receiving damage....
How to play with pepole that speak english
by DKrsCt
This is a pretty advanced guide and the point of this is to make it better for both russians and other pepole to play on diffrent servers so you can communicate better with you're team and play more interesting games....
De_overpass - Smokes to know absolutely
by Bleh!
Compilation of smokes to know absolutely to play de_overpass on competitive match. Based on 64 ticks servers (Matchmaking) Used viewmodel position Classic. [url=
locations on the maps
locations on the maps (I did it for myself)...
How to get A FlashBang Kill In CSGO
by 244 W116l97♕
hello der m8s here is a guide how to get a kill with your flashbang In csgo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Legit...
How to kick yourself in matchmaking
by dF*Dudka
Eng. 1. Turn on the console and type : status 2. Then we look for his nickname and the number under the table userid example : # Userid name UniqueID connected state tennis loss rate # 2 " GoTV " BOT active # 6 2 " dF*D...
Guide to real CS:GO Knives + IRL CS:S Knife (Now With Falchion Knife and Cheaper Alternatives)
by Spy Cooper
This guide is the result of me spending way to much time on Google Chrome just to track down knives I probably won't buy, either way I have done my best to find links to the knives for sale but some of them are collectors items and are EXTREMLY expensive ...
Схема повышения рангов в Counter Strike Global Offensive
by SeFF4ik
Многие задаются вопросом "Как повысить ранг в CS:GO" или "Как работает система рангов в CS:GO". Сейчас я вам всё объясню...
How to play with Russians
by Guardian
Here you will learn, how to play with peoples from Russia!...
Как увеличить свой скилл игры в Соревновательный режим.
by 簡單的遊戲
Введение В данном руководсте я раскажу вам о интересном способе тренировки перед Соревновательной игрой. ...
Поднятие личного skill`a в Cs:Go
by ✪locked*INWIN
Салют, дорогой читатель! Я также, как и ты читал множество руководств, смотрел много гайдов и прочей белеберды, испытывал все советы на себе...
How to lobby raid
by Kitty
This guide will explain to you how to lobby raid / join random lobbies like chiken....
Binds/Бинды на покупку
by Дизморальный оладушек
Ambasador dobrej woli w cs:go - zdobycie osiągnięcia steam
by Chewbacca
Poradnik o tym jak szybko i sprawnie zdobyć osiągnięcie steam Ambasador dobrej woli - posiada je tylko 2 % grających w cs:go....
How not to get kicked By Stoopid Trolls!
by Captainkola
This current guide is about staying positive while trolls are always looking for a way to kick you ....
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