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Operation Bloodhound | Операция Ищейка [ENG/RUS]
by ★NeoUm★MaFiA-SĐLŘ [AFK]
A detailed introduction to the new operation | Подробное введение в новую операцию. What's new?! 6 new maps. (Now free for everyone) 16 new skins on weapons. New operation-medal. ...
CS:GO How to Research Bets
by Mirffy
Welcome to my second guide that talks about how to research your skin betting better. This guide aims to provide views with a list of different ways to research your bets and ultimately win more bets. This guide will be edited in the future adding more in...
Операция Ищейка (Operation Bloodhound) [RU]
by Sentinel
Обновления от 27.05.2015 Статья находится в разработке. Coming soon......
Como melhorar a mira (exercícios)
by Applay
Compartilhando os métodos que uso para melhorar minha mira. Não existe o jeito certo de se treinar, então não é necessário copiar 100% do que vou mostrar. Pegue o que você achou interessante, adicione, modifique, crie uma rotina de treino que seja ...
Операция "Ищейка" | Обновление 27/05/15
В Counter Strike: Global Offensive стало доступно обновление размером 492 MB. Появился пропуск на операцию стоимостью (5,99 $/318 руб) который даст вам доступ к ...
Doppler | Волны [RU]
by Sentinel
From Silver to Supreme!
by FZD
I started off playing Counter-Strike with Source for about 7 years then started playing GO. Now because I played source for so long I thought I would have the upper hand in GO and play very well, instead it turned out to be the opposite and I got stuck wi...
[GER] Smokes Standard Mappool
by .synx #Hax
In diesem Guide erfahrt ihr die wichtigsten Smokes auf dem Standard Mappool (Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Cobble, Overpass, Cache) Ob Silber oder MG, dieser Guide sollte jedem helfen :)...
How to play with russians in cs go
by MihkelBiceps
In this guide I will teach you how to play with russians, so here we go: 1) If your teammate did something wrong say - Ty dolbaeb? 2) If your teammate did something good - Krasava! 3) If you won clutch round - sosat suka sosat 4) Lets rush b - idem ...
Operation Bloodhound | The Hunter and the Hunted | Update 28.05.2015 V2 - New section with FAQ
by Válter ' Pussycat ' | ^ↀᴥↀ^
On this guide i will cover the Operation Bloodhound that was released on May 27th....
[ENG/RUS]Рецепт вкусных блинчиков.
Operação Cão de Caça (Bloodhound) [PT-BR]
by ptrusBiceps
Saiba tudo sobre a Nova Operação Cão de Caça (Bloodhound). Neste guia você irá encontrar • Operação • Campanha • Missões e Medalha • Rank • Coleção de Armas da Operação ∟ Coleção Gods and Monsters ∟ Coleção ...
Решение частых зависаний в CSGO.
by hukzen
В этом руководстве я расскажу как решить проблему частых зависаний в игре Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ...
Как правильно стрелять в CS: GO
by pap04ka
Гайд по стрельбе для новичков, который ответит на ваш вопрос - как правильно стрелять в cs go? Также затронута тема тренировки в counter-strike: global off...
How to: Upgrade Operation Bloodhound Coin from bronze to silver and gold (English, German, Deutsch)
by 3st
In this guide I am going to show you how to upgrade the Operation Bloodhound Coin from bronze to silver and gold....
Улучшение монет Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Languages: Russian]
by katsup4ik
How to improve in CS:GO (Anime edition)
by Mydlak
In this guide I will cover everything you need for you to become the killing machine....
How to: Upgrade your Profile Rank
by 3st
In this guide I am going to show you how to upgrade your Profile Rank....
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