Km 2013年3月8日上午11:34
Got ugly text in the bottom right! Help me to remove it!

I once downloaded a config, because I thought its going to increase my FPS and such, but ever since i have stupid text in the bottom right showing my FPS, Ping, loss, choke, up, dmg, etc.
I want to get rid of that and already tried deleting my config file, but it just doesn't want to disappear.

Now, how could I get rid of it? Theres no option (well, I found none) ingame, so I really dont know what to do.
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generatedname 2013年3月8日上午11:52 
find Net_graph 1 in the config file and delete that line. type net_graph 0 in console if its not removed
Km 2013年3月8日上午11:59 
awesome! thank you! :)
23628 2013年3月8日下午12:09 
?? акак запустить игру обновил ейо оно просило и думает! што*не обновИЛОСЬ ?????!
23628 2013年3月8日下午12:09 
23628 2013年3月8日下午12:24 
Summoner 2013年3月8日下午12:25 
"stupid text in the bottom right showing my FPS" god its funny:D
FatalTerror 2013年3月8日下午12:42 
引用自 VI Demon
"stupid text in the bottom right showing my FPS" god its funny:D
veurgedrooide[NO TRADE ADDS PLS] 2013年3月8日下午4:42 
I agree with Vladimir and Boris
Temewabakadayo 2013年3月8日下午6:08 
ugly text lol?
ZapRowsdower 2013年3月8日下午6:37 
It aint pretty, you gotta admit.
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