CS:GO 7 Days ban for nothing
i'm gonna get straight to the point. So i just finished a game of Inferno on competitive and for some reason the yellow banner on the top of the screen would show up as like i had left the game. The game was already over (score 16-6, never had any teamkills, never disconnected). I have encountered this bug before and clicked on the abandon button. So now i got a 7 days ban because i won the match and abandonned it after it was over because the server failed to shut it self down ? That is a complete pi**take. So now i'm stuck here with this 7 days ban or is there anything that can be done. I have proof for i have downloaded the match on cs:go.

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g3ck0 Jan 9 @ 4:31pm 
there is nothing you can do, just wait till the server kicks you by itselfe (takes some time sometimes). never klick the abndon button, the system thinks you left a game and will ban you
Well it's a flaw from valve's side. Not only i get robbed from my win i also get punished for leaving a server, that was broken, after i finished a fair match it just doesn't seem right or fair --' They should seriously look into this issue because it just ♥♥♥♥es me and probably other off...
fuccboi Jan 10 @ 11:04am 
So the 30min, 2hour, and 1day ban were for nothing as well?
Vend Jan 10 @ 11:06am 
lol, why the ♥♥♥♥ would you click the abandon option? especially when you know youve abandoned 3 times previous.

Originally posted by fuccboi™:
So the 30min, 2hour, and 1day ban were for nothing as well?

The 30 min, ... got nothing to do with this issue, if you would read the comment instead off going TL;DR directly your comment would make some sense but i just doesn't.
flo.mage Feb 12 @ 6:03am 
Disconnects, Disconnects everywhere
Me and several others are experiencing several disconnects, we are from different ISPs so I guess it's on Steams side. What to do? :/ We are losing the match D:
ausecours afk Feb 12 @ 6:05am 
Same problem here.

After checked ranked match, server bug sent me to a casual match. At the end, had to disconnect this casual (not competitive) game because automatically sent to next map (impossible leave) -> 30 min competitive cooldown.

Please remove this cooldown from your database.
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flo.mage Feb 12 @ 6:06am 
Can't reconnect and we probably get the leave. Wuhu.
chris3069 Feb 12 @ 6:06am 
Me too. damn server
de_mentia Feb 12 @ 6:06am 
Same thing as everyday.. Valve isn't able to fix this problem.
REAPZ# Feb 12 @ 6:07am 
Jenial Feb 12 @ 6:08am 
2 hours cooldown because of this issue...
Zhenai Feb 12 @ 6:08am 
nice thing. now 2 h no matchmarking. nice nice steam
Nakatomy Feb 12 @ 6:09am 
24hrs ban caused by server crash - NICE!
farrrukit0' BBC* Feb 12 @ 6:09am 
...guys 7 days ban, REPORT VALVE PLS
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