nkucles Jan 26 @ 8:12pm
CS GO console crosshair commands not working?
Ive gone and uninstalled and installed again and tried everything that i know of to get crosshairs to come up but they just wont

No matter what command i type in nothing pops up
cl_crosshairdont 1 doesnt amke a dot come up
none of the alpha commands make it show
i get off the default and try the static to see if it shows but it doesnt, its really fustrating. no matter what i do i cant get them to show
i think the last command i typed in waht crosshairstyle 1, i had forgotten to type in the cl_ but it accepted it and the crosshairs were gone after that
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nkucles Jan 26 @ 8:31pm 
hey i appreciate it but none of the commands worked and im still not getting any crosshairs
HeLlroCkEr Jan 26 @ 9:03pm 
have you enabled developer console from game setting
nkucles Jan 26 @ 9:04pm 
yea, thats what im typing all my commands into
HeLlroCkEr Jan 26 @ 9:09pm 
then what is wrong just restart you pc and game
nkucles Jan 26 @ 9:11pm 
no matter hwat command i type in, no crosshair show up. there is nothing there
Shy Guy Jan 26 @ 9:12pm 
If you don't have a crosshair at all you need to type this in the console

cl_crosshair 1

or you can try

crosshair 1

Somehow it must've got turned off for you.
HeLlroCkEr Jan 26 @ 9:13pm 
type "crosshair 1" in console.
nkucles Jan 26 @ 9:31pm 
hey i hiust wanna say thank you i finally got my crosshairs on screen, thanks so much guys
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