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KillahInstinct Aug 11, 2014 @ 10:09am
FAQs: Look here before posting!
This sticky will contain all relevant information and below you find the links neatly categorized and hopefully in order of 'popularity'. Post in these threads instead of making a new one or it will be merged, locked, deleted or even banned. Before posting, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules on the right side, but also the Rules & Tips for Steam Community: Contributing Positivity and Avoiding Bans handbook.

- Bans, Competitive Cooldowns, and You
- Referral spam

Scam/Stolen items
- I got scammed! Where are my items? Items gone?
- Reporting a scammer - NEW!!

- How to report cheaters. Don't name and shame.

- Trading should be done in this subforum (click it, or look the right side of the forum). Read the rules there and some tips.

- Temporary cooldown for skill placement - NEW!!
- My rank dropped disappeared (and explanation about rank)

Technical issues
- An issue with your computer is blocking the VAC system. - NEW!!
- Name Tags - Everything You Need To Know.
- Pure Server 001.vpk does not match the server's file
- Windows 10 instantly closes - FIX

Bugs and suggestions
- Suggestions/known bugs overview
- I want 128 tick servers - NEW!

Playing together
- People to play with / MM .
- For clan / recruiting players

- Name it (me/my clan/weapon/knife)
- My super awesome video
- Price-check thread - NEW!
- Post your giveaways here

Also make sure to check the Steam Support documentation for your error, that's usually your best first bet.
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KillahInstinct Dec 3, 2014 @ 6:40am 
Thread reorganized and removed references:- Invalid Steam UserID Ticket (old)
- Issue with gamepad
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