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H. Johnson  [developer] Sep 19 @ 6:50am
Newsletter - September 2017
Hello, Snow Wanderers!
This is the second newsletter. We took some vacations this summer! But don't worry, we've been hard at work!

Technical evolutions

And we have good news! First, a bit of context: as you probably know, one of the main complaints about Season One of Winter Voices was the game engine. As a remainder, the choice was made back when the first game began its development to use the Adobe Air engine. This was, we can say it now, a mistake, as it caused many bugs and even crashes, and created many limitations for us.

Well, as you've probably guessed by reading the above paragraph, we're switching to a new engine for Season Two! We are going to use Unity, which lets us do pretty much anything we want to give you the greatest possible game. Of course, this means we have to adapt to an entirely new system, but the transition is going smoothly for now.

Here, you can take a look![]

As we wouldn't want to need to recreate all of the game assets, we had to find a way to transfer those from our Adobe Air engine to the Unity engine. This went pretty well, more quickly than we thought it would, meaning that we won't have to lose time over this. Well, we've been pulling our hair out because of other problems, but you cannot develop a game without encountering a few obstacles on the way!

Of course, us using many of the same assets doesn't mean that the second game will look identical to the first one; we're creating new places to explore, but some characters will stay, and we guess some furniture is a fashion in the whole Kingdom. We're keeping Winter Voices' signature graphic style, mixing old and new, just like the game's inhabitants do in this changing era of theirs.

New names

What is going to change a lot, however, is the gameplay... But the details are for another newsletter. We're also thinking about finding new names for the games; not the "Winter Voices" part, of course, but we can't just call the two main parts "Season One" and "Season Two", right?

We'd like to have your opinion about the future titles. We've been thinking a lot about it, and here are our choices for now:
-Season One would become "Child of the Pyre",
-Season Two would be "Child of the Waste", or "Child of the Wastes".

So, are you fine with those? We would like for the names to be similar, but with their own identities. Of course, you don't know yet what the second game is going to be about (some of you already guessed, but don't spoil it to others!), so just tell us how you feel about it based on what it sounds like. You can, of course, make other suggestions if you so wish.

And while we're asking about what you think, let us remind you that there were important inquiries made in the previous newsletter; we've had a few answers, but more opinions are always welcome! Judging by what we've read until now, it seems that you are fond of getting more lore; so, let's speak a bit more about the background of the game.

Rosa Gallica's political system

You may have heard of the Republic of Rosa Gallica in Child of the Pyre (so, how does it sound?), but not much yet. It is the vast country just south of the Three Rivers Kingdom, often trying to meddle in its neighbor's internal affairs.

The Republic has everything a country would want: fields of several different cereals, perfect climate, great diversity of fauna and flora... Giant rivers... Its religion and spirituality reflect that: a polytheism widely based on nature and land, with a main deity, the “Rosa Seraphini”, a goddess of flowers and fertility. The cult, however, has largely been devoid of its meaning over the years – the clergy is now a political power, more than a spiritual guidance.

The country itself is divided in several big satrapies that are relatively independent, regional states. The republic is based in the giant capital city, Rosa Gallica, where all the decisions are made and where all the important people live. Conflicts and competition between satrapies are common and often the source of disasters – be it the first war against the Three Rivers Kingdom, or the pirate raids in the south, the Republic has its share of problems to deal with.

The Republic is heavily militarized, with a hierarchy based on the concept of dignity, independently of individual wealth, to the growing disapproval of more and more well-off citizens. It also has two different types of armies, a national one and regional ones, that don't share the same values and recruitment system.

A beautiful Gallican palace.[]

Rosa Gallica is old, much older than the Three Kingdoms, but has been recently going through important changes. It is trying to modernize itself, but of course, this evolution brings its share of conflicts. These numerous internal tensions, combined with recent military defeats and the growing success of its northern rival, may very well rapidly transform the whole region into a powder keg waiting to explode.

Here is a country view, but there are a lot of different climates.[]

It is, however, the center of the world – or at least, that's how gallicans see themselves. And if you read our short novels in the future, you will learn that the story of Rosa Gallica and the story of the Three Rivers Kingdom are tightly tied.

As a final note: if we were to produce another game after the Season 2, it would very likely happen in Rosa Gallica. This is still very far in the future and very hypothetical, so don't get your hopes up. Let's focus on Season 2 for now. ;-)


And with the future perspectives comes the end of these newsletter! The next one will be in October, maybe November; in the meantime, please don't hesitate to answer our question about the proposed titles for Season One and Season Two, and give us your opinion about the discussed themes in the previous newsletter.

And, as always, ask us any question that you want, we'll do our best to answer!

See you later, Snow Wanderers!
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Child of the Pyre sounds a lot better than Child of the Waste XD
cthulhu985 Sep 20 @ 11:10am 
Only two months without communication? That's not the Winter Voices team I know!

Okay, sorry, couldn't resist. :D

"Child of the Pyre" sounds fine and is certainly thematically appropriate. But it should be either "Child of the Wastes" or "Child of the Wasteland". "Child of the Waste" sounds weird unless you're going for a pun.
I agree with Cthulhu, Child of the Waste sounds a bit wierd, unless there is like a character called "the Waste" (or a concept maybe??) and you are related to them or something??? But yeah Child of the Pyre sounds good for the first season. I am looking forward to seeing this game eventually. Please keep up the communication, I love developer updates and stuff.
august Sep 27 @ 1:38pm 
News, yeah!
Quick question maybe you can answer it in an update sometime, are you going to be using the same artists and musicians for the sequel? Really like the background art and portrait art in this game and the music was very memorable (Have you considered packaging the music separately?).
Daybreak Oct 10 @ 2:38pm 
Neat update. "Child of the Waste" sounds peculiar to me too, would prefer something else. I'd especially love to have the same muscian(s) from "Child of the Pyre" making the soundtrack for season 2, if possible.
I can't believe, that after so many yeaes, you still obsessed with this project. Season 2, unbelievable...
Winter Voices was a very special game in my live (I played it during very hard period). I guess I'll never forget those days.

Alors..bonne chance à vous!
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