The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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How to Pillage Villages with SWAG
โดย BluealienTemmie
Ever wanted to kill those damn kids who made fun of you in Whiterun? Ever wanted to Murder that damn Trader who tricked you into buying a shitty Footwrap? NOW YOU CAN! I will describe some of the easiest ways to kill those damn fucking children who made fu...
Местонахождение Камней Барензии
โดย Stalker
Местонахождение всех камней Барензии в игре....
Coping with your terrible children when killing isn't an option
โดย Artemis
You've climbed the tallest mountain, ran successfully from the biggest of bears, and shamelessly stolen someone's Sweet Roll. Your warrior-adventure days are far from over, but you've made the frivolous decision to get a kid. This is the guide to secure th...
All music in SKYRIM (DOWNLOAD)
โดย 𝗹𝘂𝗸𝗮𝗵𝗲𝗾
PLS add to favorite and like this guide THANKS :3...
Ebony Warrior as your follower
โดย Danny Duncan
1. Open console, (`) left to one and up from TAB 2. type in: player.placeatme 040285c3 3. then hit enter, and hit the (`) key again. 4. find him around u and open console (`) 5. use your mouse to click on him, you should see letters and numbers come up...
Читы для игры.Все проверены.
โดย ✪ MrWi1dBro (в армии)
В данном руководстве написаны все читы для игры TES V: Skyrim....
Skyrim Hile Kodları [TR]
โดย Sn0bzy
Türk oyunculara özel Skyrim hile kodları. Not: Hile kullanımını tavsiye etmiyorum, aksi taktirde oyundan hiç zevk almazsınız....
How to RP an Imperial Officer during the Civil War.
โดย Axel the Jackal
You ever feel like you are not really complete as an officer of the legion? Well this will definitely suit your needs and wants to become a professional legionnaire!...
Whiterun Alik'r Warrior Fix
โดย not a saint
How to fix those annoying... 'warriors' that sit around at the Whiterun gate....
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