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Legend Challenge
av ⊰Nuance⊱
I personally found Skyrim to be to easy when it came out and beat the game on master. Then i went on to beat the game on legendary and while it was still harder it felt like not to much really changed. So like others I found that mods helped prolong skyri...
Female Character Mods
av Exile001
In this guide I'm going to show you some of the best mods i have found to make your Female Skyrim Character look amazing....
Word of power in Ysgramor's Tomb, location.
av Alex
To find the last word of Animal Allegience in Ysgramor's Tomb. You need to have the last quest for the companions. But then what? Once you're inside and have defeated all the enemies inside and have come to the main chamber of the tomb, there are some...
Cómo Liberar a Thorald
av morzillo
A la hora de liberar a Thorald, YO recomiendo no haberse unido a la guerra civil. Lo que sí creo que influye, es que en la reunión con los barbas grises, le dije a Ulfric que la Thalmor(Elenwen) se quedara, que tampoco Tulio la quería, pero era necesa...
Starting Out Right. TES
av yenar
Starting off the right way in Skyrim can make your adventures more challenging or pushing the easy button. That all depends on how you want to push the easy button. So anyways lets get right to it. Depending on your play style in RPG'S( MAGE, STEALTH or ...
How to Create Potion Racks in the Creation Kit
av {RoC}Ficc
There aren't any default potion racks Skyrim; they provide players with a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to store potions. This tutorial covers the creation of a potion shelf, setting up its critical components, testing it out, and troubleshoot...
How to Mod
av Mushroom_
This guide will help people when they get bored of the originial game, Because it will tell you how to mod. If you don't know, A mod or modification is well...It's self explanitory, it's a modification to the game to either : Make it more interesting, Mak...
Теневые метки - толкование
av Korpys
Теневые метки - маленькие, вырезанные на какой-либо поверхности символы, которые можно найти по всему Скайриму. Обычно их вырезают на боч...
当老头从石板滚向天际——When The Elder Scrolls from Arena into Skyrim
av cboy2332
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