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Skyrim Item Codes
por AlexQuinn13
This is some of the usefull codes for items used in the game for those who can't find them. Or if you need them in a hurry....
Dual-wielding done right [a short and simple guide]
por Blerrger19
I will have to add references later as much of this guide is based on concrete information I have gathered from various sources and credit is due to the work of others who came before myself... Essentially this is a guide on how to optimize dual-wieldi...
Как получить Зазубренную кирку(кирку Нотча) в начале игры
por Patrick
Как быстро(а может и не очень)получить зазубренную кирку в начале игры...
por Wanderer
Руководство Странника о Вампиризме: Заболевание, Лечение, Плюсы и Минусы....
Как нагибать всех и вся в Skyrim
por Nexus
how to enjoy the game
por luv
1. open steam workshop 2. download every graphic mod you find 3. open skyrim 4. install the mods 5. open skyrim and pray that it doesnt crash 6. play the game now the key part: dont, teleport, or player. setav speedmult ...
Master Merchant Guide
por Michelangelo two-point oh!
A guide on how to become the most successful merchant in the lands of Skyrim....
Недвижимость Skyrim.
por Wanderer
Where to find the Shellbugs! (DAWNGUARD!)
por {K.N.G} Zigg
This guide will hopfully show you where to find the two Shellbugs in Skyrim's very own Dawnguard DLC! (I do not own the DLC on PC, only Xbox) This guide will be a little complicated so stay with me! (P.S. Report any and all spelling errors in the comment ...
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