Encontra e avalia guias comunitários para este jogo. Ou cria os teus guias e partilha as tuas dicas com a comunidade.
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A apresentar 280-288 de 517 entradas
How to get around the "double mouse" alt tab glitch in Skyrim.
por MPP.Donut
How to avoid the "double mouse" glitch that occurs while alt tabbing in Skyrim....
TIPPS,TRICKS,bugs und Easter Eggs(GERMAN)
por Let'sFailer
Dieser Guide ist nie zu 100% fertig ihr werde ich versuchen immer neue Tipps und Easter Eggs einzutragen einzutragen....
Useful Ini Tweaks
por sad bear
This guide is a list of .ini file tweaks for doing the following: - Speed up mouse wheel zoom rate - Speed up mouse cursor movement in menus - Get rid of auto-aim (for bow sniping) Posting this more for future self-refence than anything else, to be ...
por pastushok1982
How To Get Your Screenshots Popular
por Bananaᴴᴰ ๖ۣۜKush
A simple guide on having popular screenshots. Hur kan man vara populär....
How to reach 1,000 hours in TESV: Skyrim
por river
This is a very indepth guide to reaching and passing 1,000 hours played in Skyrim...
Smithing Guide by Robz
por Capulet | No PC Until September
In this guide I show you how to level up your Smithing level! This guide does not require any cheats, commands, mods or glitches. It's all done 100% in Vanilla Skyrim. Anyone can do it!...
Dragonborn Achievement guide
por Axton
So we can access it from the overlay nice and easy. Copied from xbox guides, all credit goes to this guy http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/member.php?u=332237 This is the thread he created, not me http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.p...
Color your interactive items! (borders and sound)
por [APG]IkiHara
Well, I discovered that when you shoot an interactive item such as wardrobe or chest with enchanted bow, it becomes affected with the effect, so it emits the effects sound and has its color. Try yourself....
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