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Skyrim Shrines of the Divines (and other gods)
por DerAlleinTiger
So someone asked for a list of the shrine effects they could access directly from the Steam overlay while in-game, just for convenience's sake. I tried searching for one and didn't find any. If anyone finds another that was published before mine, please...
스카이림 5 모드 적용법 및 모드 추천 게시글 링크
por Dever
스카이림 5 모드 적용법 및 모드 추천 게시글 링크...
Быстрые способы прокачек навыков в Скайриме.
por LevWinner
В этом руковдстве я расскажу как быстро прокачать навыки....
Sneaky Guide to Assasination
por Ye Olde Sandwiche
Guide to assasinating...
установка модов из workshop steam
Некоторые люди сталкивались с такой проблемой как установить моды в skyrim из workshop. Сейчас я вам обьясню как установить мод...
Getting Every Perk in the Game Through Legendary Grinding
por Xaxxus
I noticed that there was no information on this anywhere (including the wikis) so i thought i would figure it out myself. This guide basically shows you how many times you would need to reset your skills if you wanted to obtain every perk in the game. ...
Stormcloaks or Imperials?
por The Booty Warrior
This guide will help you decide which side to join in the Civil War for Skyrim also includes ALOT of information and backstory so if you have any questions please ask in the comments....
Bows In TES: V Skyrim
por ▶Darq
Stats, locations and specialities of the many bows in Skyrim....
Skyrim:редкие вещи
por S.Y.I.H.
Тут я написал список практически всех редких вещей и артефактов в игре...
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