Gennemse og vurder spillerskabte guider til dit spil. Eller opret din egen og del dine tips med fællesskabet.
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Races of Skyrim: Benefits of Each Race
af Caypaks
This Guide will help you identify what race will best suit you and your play style in Skyrim....
Skyrim - Die RPG Erfahrung deines Lebens
af creamsplitter
In diesem Guide möchte ich erläutern, wie ihr Skyrim anzugehen habt, um die Spielwelt voll auszuschöpfen. Also schnall dich an, Astronaut, Kriegsheld und/oder Olympiasieger....
Skyrim Book of Modding(WIP)
af Swadian
What mods to install,with information in the Hermaeus-Mora quantities.Eventually almost 200 mods will be covered....
Códigos Skyrim
af *CLoUD BuRnS*
En esta guia subiré códigos que se usan con la consola. Con ellos se consiguen gran variedad de objetos y habilidades. Para emplearlos deberás abrir la consola con la tecla º y poner un determinado "sufijo" antes del código que vayas a usar. Es...
Как вступить в "Тёмное Братство"
af The Almighty Irishman
[Skyrim] Your First Quest
af commanderbeatdown
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a small quest with quest markers, voiced dialogue with a vanilla NPC, set aliases properly, and package it properly for upload. It will involve a small amount of scripting and any scripts included in this tuto...
Tips for a new game!
af KinderGrinder
This guide will give you some starting basics tips for making your gameplay easier! After years of playing skyrim these tips will help new player and why not old players to have a smoothier game play!...
Сокровища гильдии воров
af Rooody
Skyrim вылетает при запуске.
af Friz676
Вылетает при запуске Skyrim...
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