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Guía Skyrim Dawnguard Dificultad Legendaria
by Draklor
Hola amigos, os traigo una guía de Skyrim donde abordaremos el DLC dedicado a los vampiros Dawnguard en dificultad legendaria. Una guía donde veremos el recorrido principal de la trama de la expansión y algunos secretos y sorpresas. Esta guía esta pen...
[Pacifist] Zero Kill Run - everything is possible
by Device
If you want to play without any kills in your statistics you sometimes have to find an alternative way, especially because the game makes you some problems. There are unwanted followers which kills count to the players, there are enemies which can be kil...
Skyrim's Debug and Unused Stuff
by GhostyGump
In the game there are rooms in which are used for debug aswell as unused Items and Quests within the game. This guide will tell you how to get them and/or get there. Thanks to for the notes that I stole and edi...
Conquista : Legend
by [T-DLÇ] Ninja Doidao
Este guia irá explicar como conseguir a conquista "Legend" da qual se necessita da DLC Dawnguard para ser realizada....
Auriel´s Bogen: Blutverfluchte Elfenpfeile BUGFIX
by Fullback
dies ist ein kurzer "guide" der euch zeigen soll was ihr tun müsst falls die blutverfluchten pfeile keinen effekt haben. falls eure blutverfluchten elfenpfeile von serana nicht funktionieren obwohl ihr diese mit auriel´s bogen dirrekt in die sonne gesc...
a guide to have a skyrim with mods without bugs, and improvements in graphics and gameplay: FR a guide to have a skyrim with m
by Sam Suphit
la meilleure version d'un jeu est toujours la version PC, car un PC a des capacités bien supérieures aux consoles tant en processeur, Go de RAM, en disque dur, et surtout en carte graphique. En réalité, un bon PC est bien plus de 100 fois plus puissan...
Quickest way to kill the Ebony Warrior
by Da_BuffaloSoldier
Probably the best way to kill one of the toughest challengers in the game. When you get to his vigil you are both standing on the cliffs edge. Go behind him and force his back to the cliff. When you think you are close enough, unleash your UNRELENTING FO...
Wie wird eine ENB Konfiguration installiert?
by iSpectra²
Du möchtest eine ENB Konfiguration installieren, weist aber nicht wie du am besten und sichersten vorgehst? Eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung zur installation einer ENB....
How to Get Smithing to 100 fast (This Requires 1 Mod But Is Not a Part of it)(About 30 minues)
by Deathstroke
Get Smithing to 100 fast...
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