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Como upar Sneak/One Handed FACIL
by Joнииy ♥
If you want the English version ~> Você quer ser um assassino/ladrão, mas tem dificuldades? Este guia vai te ensinar como sair de Helgen com um nivel "alto" (isso vai depender de você). A...
Shouts of Skyrim
by ClusterMorph
This guide is about shouts,and their locations. There are many shouts in Skyrim, and I was bored, so I made this! Ta-Da! Behold! Remember to like or I will bestow the wrath of Sithis on you. ...
Skyrim : Les Mines et Filons [FR]
by shiva.shandra
Localisation des mines et filons de Bordeciel....
Maski Smoczych Kapłanów
by I'm Batman
W tym poradniku opiszę jak zdobyć maski smoczych kapłanów....
[Skyrim] Your First Quest
by commanderbeatdown
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a small quest with quest markers, voiced dialogue with a vanilla NPC, set aliases properly, and package it properly for upload. It will involve a small amount of scripting and any scripts included in this tuto...
Skyrim : Les Pierres Gardiennes [FR]
by shiva.shandra
Il existe treize pierres disséminées dans Bordeciel. A la fin du tutoriel, on vous demande de choisir entre la pierre du guerrier, du voleur ou celle du mage. Ces pierres permettent d'obtenir un ou plusieurs bonus et parfois, un malus. Vous n'êtes p...
So you want to be a Battle Mage?
by NeS
The Battlemage is a power character. The goal is to be able to use destruction spells to soften an enemy up, and then close (or when they get close), with a one handed weapons. There is nothing subtle about this character, thus there is no need to do an...
Skyrim Essentials - Mods that will make your game epic!
by Bryon Jones (In the void)
Skyrim is an epic game, but with these mods you can make your skyrim gameplay even more fun....
Strastiplná cesta ku krajšiemu Skyrimu (SK/CZ)
by Kazisvet
Tento svoj krátky návod som prepísal z môjho blogu sem na Steam. Píšem v ňom o tom ako som si postupne vylepšil svoj Skyrim pomocou rôznych modov a ENB úprav. Dúfam, že ho zopár ľudí nájde a bude pre nich už...
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