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Проблеми з отриманням досягнення "Покоритель обливиона"
by Fantom
Destruction leveling guide [quick]
by HenyBoy
Simply Destruction leveling guide....
How To Get Daedric Equipments
by -Vinicius-
-Cansado de sua velha armadura enferrujada ? Que tal ter o que há de melhor nesse jogo ? Sim, O MELHOR ! -Tired of your old rusty armor? How about having the very best in this game? Yes, THE BEST ! *Gostou ? Avalie meu guia !! *Like it? Rate my guid...
Some minor, yet life-saving tips for new characters
by Vampire Woona
Whether its your first time or your 100th time starting a new character in a game, one thing is always true: you will start off weak. So, here is a small bunch of tips I have learned that I will pass onto you, the reader. You may do what you will with the...
How To Roll
by T.w² | beatstar
How to roll in Skyrim. (for those who don't know)...
Builds & Classes: The Thief
by Pudding
A guide for making a master Thief! Not an Assassin! A Thief!...
The Dovahkiins guide to naming weapons and armor
by The soul collector
Just a list of some awesome weapon names that i and some others thought of feel free to message me to add more you will be named as a contributor :) Also many thanks to the people who are contributers to this guide thank you ! :)...
Legend achievement on Legendary difficult
by gener@L chet
Hello here is easy tactic against all dragons! Made 2x bash with shield then 2x with sword and combine with dragonrend,so dragon will not have a chance to blow you,he will make only bite... i use Heavy Dragon armor 790 (+100 with Dragon Aspect) ...
Skyrim Legendary Difficulty Walkthrough - No Exploits
by Birdy The Love Nurse <3
This is my guide for Skyrim on Legendary difficulty. No exploits or secret chests are used! No assassin build either....
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