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Кузница Атронахов
by GrimReaper357
Создал руководство т.к надоело вечно заходить на википедию,авось кому пригодится :)...
Ambitious Skyrim
by Silvermane
Ambitious Skyrim is based on quality textures, optional ENB, and SweetFX to provide excellent graphics without a big FPS drop. It's built around using Amazing Followers Tweaks to provide multiple followers with advanced combat capabilities. It's designe...
Great looking Skyrim without ENB - a list of performance friendly mods for mid range pcs
by Raccoon King
A compiled list of mods that will make your game look a lot better whilst having a minimal hit on performance....
How to get around the "double mouse" alt tab glitch in Skyrim.
by Donut
How to avoid the "double mouse" glitch that occurs while alt tabbing in Skyrim....
Bien commencer Skyrim pour les Français / Cheat English
by Jenoth
Je trouve que steam manque d'un guide en français malgrès le grand nombre de joueurs :) pensez a évaluer le guide svp...
Dragon Priest Masks Guide
by Brisken
This guide tells you the locations of all the masks of the dragon priests. I will explain how to get them and how to retrieve the final mask. I will explain each masks abilities and which I prefer for different characters....
How To Make Skyrim A Survival Game.
by .Raik!
Do you think that Vanilla Skyrim is too easy for you? Do you like survival games? then this guide is for you. This guide aims at making Skyrim much difficult than ever before. This guide includes a list of mods that aim at making Skyrim a survival game fo...
by VirᵈᵉSomnio
A quick and easy reference for the thieves guild's Shadowmarks....
A photographer in Skyrim - Useful tips for taking screenshots
by misterfranck
In this guide I will present you some useful commands to take advanced screenshots....
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