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El K's quick fix to those annoying crashes!
by El Kemosabe
Just a simple little "fix" I stumbled upon in my time wandering the plains of Whiterun and serving time in Riften Jail....
Skyrim: console commands: Adding items:Japanese,german,english!
by Zamphire
How to use the console to spawn items. A simple yet useful tut. In english,german,and japanese!...
Useful Crafting codes
crafting made easy-er...
О том, как решить проблемы с бесконечной загрузкой [RUS].
by Greywarn
Описаны способы решени проблемы с бесконечной загрузкой сохранений и бесконечной загрузкой при перемещении в Скайрим с Каприза Иафета и С...
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Bug s Esbernem CZ
by Flack007
V tomto návodě si řekneme, jak vyřešit bug s Esbernem, který s vámi odmítá mluvit a brání vám tak v plnění úkolů....
Leveling up Smithing or even other skills, easiest ways without cheating.
by hi im vudu
In this guide I will tell you the easiest ways of leveling Smithing skill and other aswell. It won't be easy but in the final , you will get gold easier and increase other skills too. ...
[TR] Basit Skyrim Rehberi
by NoQxyGen
Skyrim son yılların en iyi RPG(RYO-Rol yapma oyunu) sayılabilir.Bu rehberi okuyorsanız zaten Skyrim'ı az çok biliyorsunuzdur.Olabildiğince hikayeye girmeden sadece yararlı bir kaç bilginin bulunduğu bir rehber hazırlamaya çalıştım....
Jacob's Wiki - Skyrim
by jacobwhite5349
Jacob's Wiki * List of all Items In Skyrim * Commands * Codes For Items * List of all Quest * Strategies * Just ask and I'll put it on here * More to come...
Useful Ini Tweaks
by sad bear
This guide is a list of .ini file tweaks for doing the following: - Speed up mouse wheel zoom rate - Speed up mouse cursor movement in menus - Get rid of auto-aim (for bow sniping) Posting this more for future self-refence than anything else, to be ...
Код на очки способностей
by ✖Wolf✖Xaō₦
В этом руководстве представленно как быстро прокачать свой уровень и при этом ПОЛУЧАТЬ очки способностей!...
Гайд по собранию Даэдрической брони
by ǾnēSĥot™
В данном руководстве я подробно опишу процесс создания Даэдрической брони начиная от прокачки кузнечного дела до нужного уровня,и заканчи...
2H Barbarian guide - no glitch
by zelrikriando
So after I made a few characters in skyrim and watching a few guides on youtube I decided to write my own for 2h weapon warriors. I am not really discussing racial choices, pick whatever you want (I like redguards personnally but orc is a wiser choice ...
How to make awsome screenshot's in skyrim
by properperson
Well this tutorial is for people who want to make awsome screenshots...
Dragon Masks of Skyrim
by DopestKidAround
A guide Telling of all the Over powering masks of skyrim +DLCs...
Skyrim Modding: Complete Advanced Guide
by Jacob
This guide is very extensive and the amount of information I plan on inserting is quite ambitious. It will attempt to give you every little detail you can ever need to modding Skyrim completley. While some users may be tech-savy like myself, I know that t...
The Paladin, a hero's compendium.
by Skryptic
Inspiration and guidance for the aspiring Paladin. This guide covers the skills, philosophy and background of the Paladin, and is intended to serve as a starting point for those interested in the class. This guide is aimed primarily at those interested in...
O que fazer quando a missão não é mostrada no mapa
by -=Я.G=- Lisiane Reisdörfer
Você clica na missão e a opção de ver no mapa não mostra onde ela deve ser feita? Então veja aqui o porquê disso. ...
Jak dát do The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim modifikace CZ
by DakerCZE
Zdravím. Toto je můj první návod jak dát do hry The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim modifikace přes Nexus Mods tak na mě prosím neřvěte že je to strašné. :) Kdo neví co je to modifikace... Dá se říct že je to přetvoření/vylepšení skyrimu...
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