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Lo que necesitas saber.
by . NUBEpequeñita♡♥
Bienvenido a Skyrim, Sangre de dragón. En esta sección te vamos a explicar los conceptos básicos para moverte por el basto mundo de Skyrim. Estas son las principales actividades que puedes realizar en Skyrim. [...
How I mod Skyrim
by Lobstopus
Mods are essential for the best experience, mang. Read more below....
How to Pass almost every tomb
by =T$E=[R]3X
well i was very troubled every time i tried to end a quest,cuz i always had a claw but no hint to use it the right way...(i hope this happens to others too) Anyway every claw has on it's inside some carved symblos for example(wolf,butterfly,dragon,etc......
The Ultimate Skyrim Guide (MLG Only)
by uGotMail
CAUTION: This guide is for extremely skilled players, if you are a noob Dovahbear fanboy/fangirl then you're in the wrong place, mate. Step 1: Press the key to the left of your '1' key on your keyboard (not the square keypad on the left, but on the.. t...
How to Theif
by Murderous Cake
In skyrim, you can steal anything! you can steal someone's clothes while they are wearing them (doesn't work in real life), you can steal just about everything you want as long as they don't catch you (doesn't work in real life because they notice somethi...
Character names
by st.stephen59
A list of fantasy character names....
(ES/EN) Raise Skill Points Fast /Subir rápidamente Puntos de Habilidad o Ventajas
by *CLoUD BuRnS*
(ENGLISH) In this guide,I'll explain how to raise your skill points in 5 minutes. WARNING: You have to use the console, so this are "cheats". If you want to play the game without cheating, you dont need to read this guide. I said that because there are...
Сокровища гильдии воров
by Rooody
The Ultimate 360 Quickscope Guide
by uGotMail
Welcome, dear player. You may know me from the well-known guide called: "The Ultimate Skyrim Guide" guide guide... If you do not, then do not fear as it is okay! Here is the reason you should continue reading on... I am thewurldzbestguidemanwriterinth...
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