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How to eat a sweet roll
by Arrown
How to eat a sweet roll 1. Take (steal) one. 2. Must be taken (stolen). 3. Make sure has been taken (stolen). 4. If not taken (stolen), go back to step 1. 5. Press inventory key. 6. Make sure inventory has opened. If not then repeat step 5. 7. Clic...
Class - Blessed Ranger | Класс - Блаженны Рейнджер
by Arrown
The Guide to be a Blessed Ranger -------------------------------- Race - Either any skilled in magic, sneaking, one-handed, or archery. Wood Elf Recommended. Armor - Light armor that gives you sneak, archery, or magic. Preferably archery Weapon - On...
Neytiri Tendaril
by Intense [] Last II
Neytiri Tendaril is the wife of Lex Tendaril, and both of them are half dunmer and werewolves....
Class - Soul Breaker | Класс - Душа выключатель
by Arrown
The Guide to be a Soul Breaker -------------------------------- Race - Either any skilled in Conjuration, Enchanting, One-Handed or Two-Handed. Preferably Breton. Armor - Heavy Armor that gives you magic enchantments. That is why you need the enchanti...
Достижения и DLC
by Ftooly VACation
Получение достижений с некупленными DLC...
Skyrim's basic guide of explaination
by imelman
This guide explains mostly the most basic non understandable parts of the game. So,you started to play Skyrim,or just don't know what's most important? Well,you come to a right place(there's other guides right there,but this is from my view). Yes,you fir...
Standing Stone & Permanent Active Effects Guides (Vanilla)
by Caedo Genesis
Two guides that will show you all of the Standing Stones & their effects, as well as a nifty guide for (MANY more) Permanent Active Effects that you can get for your Dovahkiin!...
All Shout/Thu'um Locations & Effects Guides (DLC Included)
by Caedo Genesis
A set of much needed guides for ALL the shouts you can obtain in TESV: Skyrim. Within, you'll also get an idea of what each of these shouts can do, quest requirements (if any), and most importantly, where to find them!...
All Daedric Artifacts, Masks, Notable Unique Weapons & Armor MEGA-Guide (DLC Included)
by Caedo Genesis
SIX whole guides for some of the best gear in TESV:Skyrim and its expansions, Dawnguard & Dragonborn, all in one place! I had to use some discretion with the term "Unique", as you'll find in the vanilla weapons guide. Just look at the wiki and you'll ...
How To Become An Axe Murderer
by O'Tipsy
Become an axe murderer! Kill people! Why? Because you have an axe, that's why!...
World Interactions
by Intense [] Last II
The Sections are the requirements and the world interactions that require it....
by Intense [] Last II
Regular perks are acquired by leveling up. Werewolf perks are acquired by feeding on enough corpses (DG). Vampire Lord Perks are acquired by what?...
Guide to Cities
by Intense [] Last II
Find out about each nine cities and the town of Raven Rock added by Dragonborn....
Quest: The Silver Hand Walkthrough
by Intense [] Last II
Walkthrough for the quest called The Silver Hand....
Bounty Board
by Intense [] Last II
If an illegal thing happens, send me a comment of the illegal thing: What you did, the hold, and the location you commited the crime. If you commit one on Solstheim, (Dragonborn) tell me the part of Solstheim you got caught at....
by Intense [] Last II
Here is how to be a werewolf. Lex Tendaril is the one I have....
советы для начинающих
тут представленыт советы для начинающих.Я поясню как после полного прохождения 3/4 КВЕСТОВ иметь хороший дроп и броню....
roleplay guide : Hunter
by do you even drink tea?
this is a guide with a character build/playstyle i have made and what mods go well with it....
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