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oddtoxin 2013年9月29日 12時37分
this weird thing happens when i launch skyrim with skse,about 5 min in i hear a beep and a buffering wheel appears and if i try to attack someone it crashes my game. any ideas how to fix ?? btw i launch skyrim with skse because its the only way to run my mods i have installed. Ex deadly mutilation,skyui,etc
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Klesley77 2013年9月29日 13時35分 
Check fo updates and check your mods to ensure they are up to date.
Aretia 2013年9月29日 15時10分 
Yeah, I had this. Normally SKSE has a feature where it checks whether it's the correct version for the Skyrim you're running, but on one patch it didn't work. After a while I started getting weird bugs like that one.

Probably best to update every single mod, like Klesley77 said, but especially SKSE.
oddtoxin 2013年9月29日 16時22分 
nothings working still no change
Klesley77 2013年9月29日 19時21分 
check the updates on your pc and ensure all your drivers and firmware are also updated.
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