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DanielTheEpic75 2013年9月21日 17時24分
Dlcs not appearing
i had skyrim normal edition then i bought legandary cause it was cheaper then to add the addons i typed the codes in the code box played the game but no dawnguard building houses or morrowind help!!!!!!!!
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Sierra Oscar 2013年9月21日 18時13分 
Please do the following, and tell me what you see:

Launch Steam>Launch Skyrim>Select Data Files.

Do you see "Dawnguard.esm" and "Dragonborn.esm". Are they selected?
DanielTheEpic75 2013年9月21日 18時17分 
no i dont see them
Incunabulum 2013年9月21日 22時48分 
Most likely you'll have to uninstall and then reinstall Skyrim for Steam to recognize that you need the DLC's downloaded.
DanielTheEpic75 2013年9月22日 0時06分 
will that mean my progress will be lost?
Incunabulum 2013年9月22日 0時10分 
popovdaniel.75 の投稿を引用:
will that mean my progress will be lost?

No - but just in case, copy your savegames (/documents/mygames/Skyrim/saves) some place safe and then put them back after re-installing.
DanielTheEpic75 2013年9月22日 10時03分 
thx for your help
DanielTheEpic75 2013年9月22日 10時16分 
wait how do i uninstall
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