mothur 2012年11月8日下午5:20
Steam converting to new efficient format?
So I started up Skyrim and I get this message saying that steam needs to convert the game content to a new efficient format. After a few minutes it finishes but now it seems that steam is re-downlaoding the entire game. Has anyone else experienced this and should I be concerned about my saved files?
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Shinja 2012年11月8日下午5:24 
happening to me right now as well
Jᴧgᴧ 2012年11月8日下午5:26 
This is gonna totally F*k up any modified original game files like optimized BSAs. Way to go Steam.
jmilb10053 2012年11月8日下午5:31 
Now I cant save a game or it crashes right after mine did it
jmilb10053 2012年11月8日下午5:32 
And I cant download either of the DLCs
The Love King 2012年11月8日下午6:29 
Just what i was looking for when i got home from work ! Not a happy camper steam way to go!!!!!
Another 5 GB of hard drive gone (((
最后由 The Love King 编辑于; 2012年11月8日下午6:33
Nayroy 2012年11月8日下午6:45 
It seems most of my games are like this.
genocidal 2012年11月8日下午6:47 
Yea I just got this sh!t too & my game wont even load up & crashes to desktop before the games main screen even loads, WTF!!! I Dunno what the hell to even do!?!?!
husso727 2012年11月8日下午6:52 
Any announcement beforehand ?
genocidal 2012年11月8日下午6:52 
Well I unchecked all downloaded mods but official stuff & it works, so did this kill all the mods or what?
migmadmarine 2012年11月8日下午6:54 
The game works for me fine, except the crash I described in my thread, but that first happened to me a month ago.
Nayroy 2012年11月8日下午6:58 
everything seems to be fine on my end
genocidal 2012年11月8日下午6:58 
Everything worked fine for me as well up until I downloaded this latest effieciency crap & now my stuff wont even boot up unless I uncheck all mods I downloaded off steam workshop
DeadWire 2012年11月8日下午7:26 
Mine is working fine mods and all.....what version of windows is everybody having this problem running ?
最后由 DeadWire 编辑于; 2012年11月8日下午7:26
segisaurus 2012年11月8日下午7:34 
Just did the optimization. Skyrim now crashes after the Bethesda screen. Any fixes out there????
Profanum+ 2012年11月8日下午7:35 
What and where? I didnt even get this efficiency thing at all. I have mods from Japan and lots of others running and not having thi shappen to me at all. Was this an auto update for you guys? Do you all have win8? Are you using ENB or SKSE or that script dragon thing? Whats happening? I had steam open all afternoon and all night... nothing, so I'm both scared and confused.
最后由 Profanum+ 编辑于; 2012年11月8日下午7:36
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