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KamShaft 2012年10月7日 12時00分
Hearthfire Problems
So i downloaded Hearthfire when it became available on steam however I wasn't able to play it until the weekend but nothings happened. I have re-installed Skyrim and Hearthfire shows up in the downloaded content but not the Data Files. I don't have any mods installed and the only other dlc I have is dawnguard. Has anybody else had this problem and if so how do i fix it.
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Malthael, Angel of Death (Lara) 2012年10月7日 17時28分 
I have the same problem. I'm trying to re-install now, if that doesn't work, do what you do with windows. Turn it off and back on again. (log out and back in) if that doesn't work... well... hope it's fixed or repurchase.
Malthael, Angel of Death (Lara) 2012年10月7日 19時38分 
Found a fix. Go to properties and verify game cache. That should fix it.
MrNameisme 2012年10月31日 19時45分 
I just found this. Was having the same problem. Away I go!
MrNameisme 2012年10月31日 19時47分 
*embarasses cough* where exactly is 'properties'
Kingmatthius 2013年9月13日 15時15分 
thank you outsider i was having the same problem as kamshaft, woot!
-M- 2014年4月6日 11時44分 
Please provide more detailed instructions on how to fix this issue.
What does it mean "verify game cache"? Do you mean go to the Operating System properties for the file on my hard drive?
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