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cmcaudill 2012年9月29日 17時46分
convenient horses
iremoved convenient horses and now have "convient horses - multi tapmode" flashing in center scren.
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dragonpi314159 2014年2月1日 18時58分 
I literally can't find a solution for this. Have you found anything?
ballpoint202 2014年2月1日 19時06分 
I uninstalled it and had no problems. There are instructions at the mod's Nexus page for uninstalling. Did you follow them?
dragonpi314159 2014年2月1日 19時08分 
I can't find the original page. The original page doesn't exist!
Incunabulum 2014年2月1日 19時28分 
I don't know why I'm doing this since simply typing 'convenient horses' into the nexus search bar . . .

And the problem you're having stems from improperly uninstalling the mod - you have left-over scripts running.

You're going to need to reactivate the mod, load a save from when the mod was *active* (any saves you made after deactivating the mod are ruined) and then follow the removal instructions.
最近の変更はIncunabulumが行いました; 2014年2月1日 19時52分
dragonpi314159 2014年2月1日 19時34分 
For the record, this isn't the original convenient horses mod. This is a different one from the one I was using. I hope it doesn't change anything, but I am glad you are able to help. Thank you.
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