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Xeledon 2013年10月7日 22時05分
report to the jarl of whiterun
so i just finished the imperial quest stuff.
and i have a misc quest to "report to the jarl of whiterun"
i have a feeling i didnt do this while doing the imperial quests but i dont remember too much.
when i talk to him i cant say anything to complete or move onto the next part.
that dude hadvar walked in with me but he doesnt have anything good to say either
did i mess something up and is that going to be stuck there forever ?
or am i just missing something
(now hadvar is following me and i cant get into dialogue with him either)
or is there a command to get rid of it ?
最近の変更はXeledonが行いました; 2013年10月7日 22時09分
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fly4aflyguy 2013年10月7日 22時21分 
someone else had the problem earlier, and someones' advice advice of exiting to desktop to fix it might work for them, so I guess you could try that.
[Wizard Squad] Snipars 2013年10月8日 3時19分 
The problem is talos doesnt believe in you.
1hp super cookie with evil hats 2014年8月12日 23時52分 
Jnick の投稿を引用:
The problem is talos doesnt believe in you.
THE OLD GODS ARE JUST SOOOO OLD SCHOOL lets belive in some of the new hip young gods like.. uh......... dragon born?
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