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Ive modded the crap out of this and my game keeps crashing
So I was hoping to get some help on this. Ive added a lot of mods to the game, especially around making it look pretty, and I recently started a new game. Now, every time I run around outside my game crashes (just got to White Run, and trying to do the first quest there). I havent had this issue before, I was hoping to get some help on any advice to get this to stop.

Thanks guys!
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Also just to update, I added the Realistic Water 2 mod before the new game. I removed it and it is still crashing. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the game to wipe everything out at this point?
To many mods? One solution, don't have to many mods unless you know how and what order to place them in. Some mods will just refuse to go together whilst some mods do absolutely the same thing. Some require a dlc and yet others disagree with a dlc. Think about that and go through your mods and try some sense with it.
Check the order in which your mods are installed, make sure none of the mods you installed conflict with each other. Make sure Skyrim is updated, make sure your graphics driver is up to date. Then go through your mods, and start removing them one at a time, checking to see if the one removed is the culprit. Good luck.
I think you figured out your problem already, Uninstall a great deal of the mods you don't need. Or don't enjoy. Then go get B.O.S.S. And get the load order for the rest of them in a correct position.

And don't download everything you see everywhere just because it makes a little purple dude dance on your desktop.
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Realistic water 2 must be way down the list after any other water mods. if you have enchancement water redux on deactive it and run game and reload. I found I ticked the box for falskaar on, but it was still deactivated = crash. Also if you have mod for a mine near Riverwood that begins quest when you enter town, play it and remove it. It clashes with Raven Rock Mine enterance(If you are playing dragonborn). Remove or deactive city enchancements - Solitude, Dawnstar, Winterhold and beautiful Whiterun. You can add those one at a time later there is a clash point in one of those not sure which one.
Use BOSS find which ones have dirty edits and use TES5Edit to clean and Wyre Bash to make a it helps to combine esp's and esm's to work better.
I also UFO does clash with other follower mods deactiving those mods or that mod is your choice.
Just a heads up what is happening to my game and found these mention problems. By no means they are the same in yours.
Best method I use is to start game get through Helgen and save (remove all other saves you have). Then using that save add a couple of mods you like and want if OK play a bit save, exit add a couple more mods and repeat if it crashes then you know it is one of those last mods added.
As said above remove the unwanted mods and choose wisely and use NMM to install them on.
If your problem is CTD's outside then odds are you have textures using too much memory.

Skyrim is a 32 bit, Dx9 game - that means it can only use 4 Gb of your system memory (no matter how much you have) *and* VRAM textures are mirrored in RAM (meaning that larger textures eat up more of the limited memory available).

*AND* there seems to be a cap of 3.1 Gb of memory for textures before you CTD that is an artifact of how the game engine is built.

So high resolution textures and/or pushing uGridsToLoad up past teh default 5 will use up the available memory amazingly fast.
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Thanks so much for the help guys, Ill look into it after I get back from school but I have some ideas already.

Thanks again!
In case anyone was wondering, I removed enemizer from my mod list (it multiplied enemies spawned) and that seemed to do it.

BOSS is your answer.
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