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Hex 2013年10月4日 23時42分
Help with Role- Play
Hello everyone. I am a very devout Catholic. Which means that I only like playing this game on my own terms. Are there any characters or story lines that would fit me the most? I don't like magic and I would like to use non lethal force on peaople if possible. Just let me know. Thank Ya'll and God Bless You!
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Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月4日 23時49分 
Wrong game for what you want, butthere are a few quest that may be to your preference. Just can't think of which at the moment. Since this is just a game of imagination you should just play it as is and enjoy. Good luck and I hope you have fun playing.
Wolven One 2013年10月4日 23時49分 
I don't think you are going to like this game then. Non-Lethal force is not an option, and magic is almost 100% necessary. I suppose you could just use potions to heal and such but its so much easier to use spells to do the various things like healing, attacking ect.
kRONOSMEiSTER 2013年10月4日 23時52分 
:D :D
Yvouille 2013年10月4日 23時54分 
riffahlc175 2013年10月5日 0時33分 
Non-lethal? Even if you try, creatures, people and dragons will attack you. Your only recourse is to fight and win or die. If you constantly die, it won't be fun. To enjoy the game, its best to play it as it is, for what it is. Skyrim is a harsh environment, and yet beautiful as well. Get into the various story lines; both the main quest and side/miscellaneous quests.
Brandybuck 2013年10月5日 0時45分 
Non-lethal force AND no magic? Tough order. If you're not opposed to lethal force against creature and undead, then you can get through the vast majority of the main quest just fine. There are two spots where bandits or forsworn can be troublesome, but they can be avoided if you're sneaky enough.
Thord 2013年10月5日 2時16分 
I have seen a live stream of someone playing with only Illusion magic and the Follower doing the fighting, closest I have seen to the player not using lethal force but very hard of course.

It is possible to turn off AI so that nothing attacks you, that would allow something like completing some achievements for exploring etc and require no fighting but there will be a lot you cannot complete. If you want to try it google for console commands.
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riffahlc175 2013年10月5日 2時23分 
Yes it is possible to turn off AI in the command console. I forget what the code is, though. Never used it, but remember seeing it.
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