Young Munny 2013年10月4日下午7:46
Skyrims Beauty
I always find myself stopping and looking at the beauty of Skyrim. I feel that Skyrim is one of the most prettiest games out there. Even if you have a computer that doesn't have good performence, you can still enjoy the beauty of the game. Does anyone else think this too?
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The Baron 2013年10月4日下午8:15 
Absolutely. I frequently find myself stopping in my tracks to just enjoy the specatular view.
Vahlok Ro Tiid 2013年10月4日下午10:31 
Absolutely. Especially the two moons whenever and where-ever I happen to catch them.
kroNe 2013年10月4日下午11:52 
came to this thread to see some Skyrim chicks :/
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月5日上午12:34 
Well here I am.
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月5日上午12:35 
On a serious thought I stopp and enjoy and click to save the screenshot. Thats how much I love the scenery.
Jogon 2013年10月5日上午1:24 
The scenery is outstanding and you can't help stopping to have a look, especially at the rivers and waterfalls. As Valkar Vagnar says the two moons rising are spectacular.
MistySun 2013年10月5日上午1:49 
Take a break from the roads and wander down to the rivers or lakes. Go for a swim, walk along the rivers edge, That is what i love doing.

Yes, there is beauty everywhere in Skyrim.
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