†Krooz† 2013年10月4日下午6:53
Help in my game!
Hello guys, I'm having a problem in my game, I bought it today and when I finished installing and went to play for the first time, I noticed several bugs when the cart starts when I try to look around the cart begins to wobble and ends spoiling the game, after that another bug I noticed was when you exit the first dungeon, when I look down to is the sound of water and begins to shake bugar char, it gets kind of swimming in the air, when I try to jump when fall appearing on a puddle of water below, as if he had fallen into the water, the animals are flying nearly as tidy these bugs? My computer runs skyrim easily, what is the problem?
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Eminem 2013年10月4日下午6:58 
a vives deadlet skyrim and get it agen and cleanre all modes and resart the conputer
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月5日上午12:37 
What is your FPS?
†Krooz† 2013年10月5日下午3:58 
skyrim man
†Krooz† 2013年10月5日下午3:59 
The Elder Scroll V:Skyrim
Xaraz 2013年10月5日下午4:53 
check that you do not have the contaminated files
†Krooz† 2013年10月5日下午8:12 
already reinstalled the game, still the errors remain
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