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Mr.Goat 2013年10月4日 13時42分
Legendery Skills
Ok so i have recently just made my perfect gear fully upgraded and enchanted and i really want some extra perks to for example one-handed, two-handed, arhcery, heavy armor and destruction so i was wandering if it was a good idea to make my smithing skill tree and my enchanting skill tree legendery because i dont think i need them anymore and i have 10 perks in my enchantment tree and 7 perks in my smithing tree but i just wanna hear your guys opinion because i dont wanna make them legendery and find out i could done some extra stuff with them so fell free to leave your answer and or opinion in the comment section below :)
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klosarmicko 2013年10月4日 13時55分 
Best two skills in the game.
Use them to craft and make that potions for huge defens and magic resistance. Its been i year or so since i played so go to youtube or google and find out more.
After you do that make them perfect.
aMYTHa 2013年10月4日 14時58分 
I've got several legendary skills already. :) And I've got no regrets doing it. My Smithing is already x2 Legendary, and ongoing again for now. :) Sneak is likewise x 2, and Heavy Armor is x1. . as well as Enchanting, and Archery.
Mr.Goat 2013年10月4日 16時16分 
yeah but i dont want that OP arm
or my armor is fine as it is its almost 600 total
quantum923 2013年10月4日 16時20分 
well somtimes that OP arm comes in handy against those dang annyoing dragons or hordes of enemies in one swath and id reckomend block if you havent worked on it, really shuts the dragons up when you reach skill 50
quantum923 2013年10月4日 16時22分 
all in all legedary has its perks and you get points returned when you need them back
Mr.Goat 2013年10月4日 16時35分 
my dragonbone warhammer damage is 290 and my two swords damage is 168 and my bow is 142 and my dagger is 82 and my total armor rating is almost 600 and lots of really good enchantments on those items
quantum923 2013年10月4日 16時37分 
man your far better off than me i prefer on handed weapons and my daedric weapons i have been working on enchantment as well. is there anyplace ingame to learn the skill from another NPC?
riffahlc175 2013年10月4日 16時53分 
There is a mage at the college who will train you in enchanment. Make your skills legendary, but boost your Alchemy skill and make it legendary too. Boring as hell collecting all the ingredients and crafting potions to do it. Then craft fortify enchanting and smithing potions, craft armor and jewelry and enchant those to boost alchemy, smithing and enchanting. Think your legendary skills are high? Once you do this, the sky's the limit!
quantum923 2013年10月4日 16時54分 
haha thanks :)
wowszer 2013年10月4日 17時05分 
Right you are riff, and keeping the jewellery, etc in sachel by the tables, means you don't have to carry them around all the time. Also when enchanting, rename them. For example, adding ABLE to the beginning of the name keep all items together at the top of the list, easy to put back when finished.
Mr.Goat 2013年10月4日 17時07分 
you know what im doing it im making the skill trees legendery :)
riffahlc175 2013年10月4日 21時51分 
That's Mr.Riff if you're nasty!
quantum923 2013年10月5日 5時48分 
lmao riff
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