The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午8:50
Help, Lots of lag and loading screen takes for ever to load.
hey, i just bought skyrim for the pc, Ive been playing on the 360 since it came out, and when i started the game, it starts lagging all over the place, i cant even move with out having the camera frame mess up and my loading screen take 10 minutes to load. I dont have any mods and i have tried to fix it on my own, without any luck. Please could some one help me, i know its a great game and i really want to play it.
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Juicebox 2013年10月1日上午8:51 
What ere your PC's specs?

Have you tried using a lower graphic setting? Or tweaking the .ini files?
Heart Miku 2013年10月1日上午8:51 
your specs?
video card.
operating system:
Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午8:56 
sorry, kinda new to pc gameing, how do i find my pc's specs?, and i have tried changeing the graphics and tweaking the .ini files doesnt seem to help me
Heart Miku 2013年10月1日上午8:58 
go to control panel-> system there you wil find: operating system, ram and processor
go to control panel again->device manager->look for video card or sth. like that
Juicebox 2013年10月1日上午8:58 
I guess the easiest way would be to go to My Computer > Properties > Device Manager.

EDIT: I always post late, sorry about that :P
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Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午9:11 
引用自 NightCore
your specs?
video card. Im using a laptop, so i dont have a video card, the closest thing i could find was that it said HD graphics Family
ram: 4.00 GB
operating system:64-bit operating System
processor: Intel(R) Pentium (R) CPU B590 @ 2.10GHz 2.10 GHz
Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午9:11 
sorry for the slow reply, doing abunch of things at once
Heart Miku 2013年10月1日上午9:12 
引用自 Forze
sorry for the slow reply, doing abunch of things at once
no problem....

you should lower all your video settings to the lowest possible
and try razer game booster
Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午9:14 
ok thanks is the rgb free or do i need to pay for it?
Heart Miku 2013年10月1日上午9:15 
引用自 Forze
ok thanks is the rgb free or do i need to pay for it?
its free. i think you only need to register, but its all free
Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午9:16 
ok thanks for the help. have any idea on what i should do for the loading screen problem?
Heart Miku 2013年10月1日上午9:17 
that will be fixed with the lag
最后由 Heart Miku 编辑于; 2013年10月1日上午9:17
Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午9:20 
ok thanks for the help, sorry if i was a noob with the laptop info,i only ever really use my laptop for college and not for games
Heart Miku 2013年10月1日上午9:22 
in this case, you should get a desktop pc or a console for gaming. a laptop is not really good with games...
Zoracias 2013年10月1日上午9:24 is the main problem with that. my parents are trying to help me out abit, the rest falls on me.
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