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Sardaukar Vanessa 2013年9月29日 4時01分
I've been searching around for RPGs similar to this and oblivion.
Things that should be similar:
Amount of items
Character Making
First Person and Third Person modes
Open World- Biggest one!!!!!!
I hope someone can recommend something, cause I just got a ton of b-day money I want to burn. :D
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🍞 Miku Wonderbread 🍞 2013年9月29日 4時20分 
Fallout 1,2,3,tactics,New Vegas
1,2,tactics dont have first person, but they are AWESOME and are cheap :D
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Kuromaru 2013年9月29日 5時54分 
I would like to mention that Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics have isometric view (so no 3rd or 1st person) and combat is turn based. Not to discourage you from playing them - because they are awesome -, just to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas fit all the things you listed above.
Meena 2013年9月29日 6時08分 
Wait for the elder scroll online, it will be amazing!
kazetomodachi 2013年9月29日 8時51分 
Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas.

If you haven't played, you could play Morrowind which was the predecessor of Oblivion.
Lazuli 2013年9月29日 11時07分 
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Wait for the elder scroll online, it will be amazing!
LOL, no it won't.
Yeah, I don't have high hopes for that either.
Sardaukar Vanessa 2013年9月29日 15時14分 
Probably will check out the rest of the games in the fallout series. Thanks! :D
Lazuli 2013年9月29日 23時10分 
Also, happy late birthday.
Sardaukar Vanessa 2013年9月30日 0時38分 
Oh, that actually kind of surprised me. Thanks! :D
Xandurz 2013年9月30日 0時55分 
Gothic games have a similar skill mechanic and sandbox gameplay as Elder Scrolls series.
I don't know if that is what you might be looking for though.
Sardaukar Vanessa 2013年9月30日 3時43分 
I was searching around and found ArcaniA: Gothic IV. It seems third person only, but it seems fun nonetheless. Oh, and if your wondering why I want a first person mode, it's because playing an RPG in third person erks me for some reason. Not sure why.
EDIT: I meant to include that I was downloading the demo. :P
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