dudeitzchronic 2013年9月29日上午3:36
Looking for an ideas guy
Hello Steam forum people, I'm doing a quest mod right now which adds a new guild. I started a storyline and have the general outlook of it, but I'd like ideas for quests, side and main, as well as unique/interesting item powers. If you have just a general idea please leave it in this discussion, if you want to talk in-depth send me a friend request. Eventually, when I post this mod I'll credit you for your idea(s), of course. Thanks!
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Happy Miku 2013年9月29日上午3:44 
you could make all the dungeons you want to include respawnable and with random loot.
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dudeitzchronic 2013年9月29日上午3:56 
I will for the generic dungeons, they quest related ones will be in and out. Thanks for the thought.
Happy Miku 2013年9月29日上午4:11 
you know, really boss would be a car or a plane as reward... not sure if that can work...
dudeitzchronic 2013年9月29日上午4:15 
It can, there is an airship mod out there and a car could be made out of there horse class, but it doesn't really fit in with the story.
JamThoNew 2013年9月29日上午4:31 
could you make a part where you can make an army?
Married to nutella 2013年9月29日上午4:33 
What kind of guild will the mod add?
dudeitzchronic 2013年9月29日上午4:42 
james, an interesting thought that I've entertained, and decided for a similar alternative. Instead of an army of a hundred men, you get a few very well trained ones as your guild mates. However, I'm considering having a quest where you go and help a capital city and after you become the general.

crt, sorry I didn't mention it before, it's about a guild of artifact hunters.
Happy Miku 2013年9月29日上午4:46 
now that you mention artifacts.... do you know the STALKER series? there are artifacts which emit radiation, but also enhance your carrying capacity for example. maybe you can make artifacts which lower you damage resistance for example and increase your life by 25 points or such stuff.
dudeitzchronic 2013年9月29日上午4:49 
Yeah, I think trade-off items would be interesting. I haven't thought of any passive items, but there we have a concept for a shield that blocks all sorts of damage in exchange for sapping 3% hp when it's blocking.
kazetomodachi 2013年9月29日上午9:17 
Is there a reason why they are looking for artifacts in the first place? Like to protect them from falling into the wrong hands, or maybe to study them? What are the origins for the artifacts if there is any origin story for them. For example, in Morrowind there were artifacts from famous figures (e.g heroes, thieves, warlocks) that you could find and obviously there's the Daedra.

You could always include a conspiracy within the guild, where a member has an ulterior motive for joining the guild/helping collect/study the artifacts.
STAR WARS 2013年9月29日上午9:28 
How about a mind reader (can predict the moves of the guy he is going to fight? [using a ghost layer])?.....

How about an inventor? (Explosives/Weapons/Hang glider [Michaelangelo stuff])....

How about a tunnel maker using slaves? (can by-pass obstacles; discover more Gold diamonds?)?......

How about a place where the character can start a small profitable farm (regular income) run by a slave?.....

He buys and runs a blacksmiths weapons maker (has to return once a week to make sure they do the work and pay the staff) which they sell (woman at shop front) and make more money?.....

A `Whirling Dervish` fighting move?.....

I could go on; but you got my two minutes of quick thinking.

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dudeitzchronic 2013年9月29日上午10:36 
kaze, they are rivals to the synod group, who look to consolodate weapons for the empire. They are looking for artifacts to stop others from using them and use them themselves, they would be a chaotic neutral group, in DND terms. The weapons will have indicidual back stories, they'll mostly be made by powerful mortals in the past. I have considered a sort of "spy" character, although nothing laid flat.

Yah, the mind reader idea is great, I'd like to see if we can incorporate that somehow.

For the inventor there's going to be a sort of "housecarl" that tends the artifacts when not in use, and will be there for special enchantments. Not sure if there will be an inventor like the one you mention, as explosives and weapons can be made already by the player with certain perk trees, in SkyRe.

not sure if having slaves, or even payed workers, would fit into the lore of the guild. They are a "do it yourself" type of group, and the people in the guild are powerful mages and warriors so they don't like to rely on others.

Not sure if whirlwind dervish is an ability from somewhere, but I think it would be a cool idea for an artifact to be a pair of wind swords, and would work like when power attacking with one you do a sprint forward attack, and with both you sprint forward and knock up anyone in your path, sort of like combining whirlwind sprint and cyclone into an attack.

Thanks for your ideas, my favorite were the last and first. And if you could find time to go on, I'd highly appreciate it!
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kazetomodachi 2013年9月30日上午12:36 
I see. That's a pretty interesting idea, involving the Synod group since they are already in Skyrim. Good to know they will have their own backstories to explain their origins and how they were created.

Chaotic neutral group, that should be interesting to see how it works out >.<

Perhaps the whole mind reader thing could be a reward given to a player for defeating a boss type enemy, it does sound over-powered though imo. I think assistants would fit more with the lore of the guild, rather than slaves/paid workers since they are learning under other members of the guild.

Really looking forward to how your progress on the quest mod goes. I'm very interested in playing the mod.
dudeitzchronic 2013年9月30日上午12:49 
The mind reading does seem to be overpowered under certain conditions, however I think if it's only a second in the future, and is useable only once a day for a minute, it wouldn't be too bad. Not sure how to incorporate it without causing a lot of conflictions with other things that effect npcs, but I'll be looking into it.

We do have a good number of ideas floating around. although the hard part has hardly been started we are on course. Glad to hear you are interested in the concept, although I wouldn't have a timeframe for you as to when it'd be ready.
kazetomodachi 2013年9月30日上午12:59 
Haha, I don't necessarily need a timeframe for when it'd be ready. Maybe post a link to the mod on the forums or something when it's done.

Also, will the mod have unique enemies or will they be generic? Otherwise, maybe you could have the mind reading ability affect only certain npc factions like only the bandits, forsworn and etc rather than all npcs in general.
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