greystriker72 2013年9月26日下午3:35
Worth buying?
I own this game currently on the Xbox 360 and it's a great game. It's just you can't mod on a console. Is this game worth buying for the mods?
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Moose Knuckles 2013年9月26日下午3:36 
Yeah! I would suggest however get it when it's on sale though. The mods and if you got the pc really bring it out in a great way. Plus if the keyboard is tricky then you can use the xbox controller for it. Should totally get it! :D
greystriker72 2013年9月26日下午3:37 
Hey Sweet. Thanks for the advice!
Moose Knuckles 2013年9月26日下午3:37 
No problem!
Touka 2013年9月26日下午4:01 
i bought a pc just for skyrim mods, lol do it
Cpt. CrotchStain 2013年9月26日下午4:04 
If you're sure that your computer is powerful enough to play it well, go for it!
Butthead 2013年9月26日下午4:06 
I've just started using mods for skyrim now and it's amazing! Totally get it for PC!
undeadhippos 2013年9月26日下午4:08 
So im want to get skyrim, but im not sure if my laptop can handle it.
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greystriker72 2013年9月26日下午4:08 
How cheap does it usualy get during a sale?
Gavin's Barrowed ******* 2013年9月26日下午4:25 
I'd have to agree with Shishi Gami. However I'll add that Skyrim is an amazing game. With all the moding ability and how much content it has, it's always fun every time I go back to play it.
Stryker 2013年9月26日下午4:30 
Without a doubt to get for the PC. You can mod this game to the way you like it. I love sifting throught the mods and pick only those that appeal to me. I'm not a mod ♥♥♥♥♥ and I am quite picky, but I have turned Skyrim into a fantastic game for me. Many hours spent. Wait for a sale. The highest discount I've seen it on sale is 50% off I believe. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
dancarney 2013年9月26日下午4:31 
50% just make sure you gpu can play it....i am useing a ati 7770 it play skyrim great
greystriker72 2013年9月26日下午4:42 
Thanks guys, I'll be to get it.
fran25 2013年9月26日下午4:47 
Make sure you have a computer that can handle it however.
greystriker72 2013年9月26日下午4:53 
I have a custom built computer just for gaming Lol. So I don't think I need to worry.
Krull Knightblade 2013年9月26日下午5:13 
引用自 greystriker72
I have a custom built computer just for gaming Lol. So I don't think I need to worry.

Get the Legendary Edition if you can.
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