Straight Savage 2013年9月25日下午12:22
Loading screen crash
I finally got the game running, and when I went to ply it for the first time, it crashed. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it wont work. (Non steam game for some reason so cant verify cache) Brand new, no mods or anything. Help?
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Vacation Miku 2013年9月25日下午12:31 
install vcredist/dotnetfx/directx manually from skyrims install folder. then restart your pc
Alembrik 2013年9月25日下午1:30 
Merwin — I thought Skyrim was a Steam game. Even if you bought the DVD, you have to activate it on Steam. I did.

Or is that not your problem?
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Straight Savage 2013年9月25日下午4:23 
Its not my problem. My loading screen crashes.
Vacation Miku 2013年9月26日上午8:32 
actually you dont own the game... show that you own it and we can/will help you more...
Straight Savage 2013年9月26日上午10:58 
I do own it. It pops up as a non steam game. But when I try to activate it, it says invalid code. Its not an issue because I can still enter the game, but then it crashes immediatly.
Vacation Miku 2013年9月26日上午10:59 
did you buy the game from steam or someone else?
Straight Savage 2013年9月26日上午10:59 
Straight Savage 2013年9月26日上午10:59 
Think is pirated?
Bigboomer (Makes players cry) 2013年9月26日上午11:00 
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Vacation Miku 2013年9月26日上午11:00 
could be a used copy... sounds like somone used the key and sold you the disc with an used key...
Straight Savage 2013年9月26日上午11:00 
It worked on my laptop though
Vacation Miku 2013年9月26日上午11:03 
maybe, contact steam support because of this... they could tell you if your key is used... if so, somone scamed you...
Straight Savage 2013年9月26日上午11:03 
Okay. Ty 4 the help
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