Familial Dysautosis 2013년 9월 21일 오후 8시 48분
More Archery Cinematic Kills? HELP
Is there any mods on Steam or the Nexus that make WAY more bow cinematic kills? Im primarily an archer, but it makes me sad when I headshot a bunny from like 800 yards away and theres no cinematic kill to it. Is there any mods that change this?
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Incunabulum 2013년 9월 21일 오후 10시 36분 
'Dance if Death' - more kill-moves overall and allows you to customize how often they happen.

Fair warning though - bow kill-cams move your arrow launch point and if you're near a railing, more often than not a clean kill-shot ends up stuck in the railing right in front of you. Not a bug with the mod, a bug on how the game handles bow kill-cam.
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