The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elsker 2013年9月21日下午8:06
Most fun thing to do?
Whats the most fun thing you can do in skyrim?

I find it funny to kill all the dark brother hood contracts before i get them :)
also having fun xD
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Mr. マリック 2013年9月21日下午8:08 
My most fun thing is roleplaying. One of my fav's was i had a mod that brought out a lot of the character creation system by adding new things and i made a 15-16 year old girl and had her set out into the world. It was so exciting to see her destroy her enemies :D
Elsker 2013年9月21日下午8:30 
Mr. マリック 2013年9月21日下午8:31 
Lol sometimes the decapitation animations would match up and it looks like i swing into their crotch and their head explodes XD
Elsker 2013年9月21日下午8:32 
Mr. マリック 2013年9月21日下午8:33 
Lol, what was yours? You should post that up :D
Tom_Venables 2013年9月21日下午8:36 
I enjoy pickpocking the guards' clothes.
Mr. マリック 2013年9月21日下午8:37 
Lol, everyones favorite thing "if i catch you with your hand in my pocket i'll chop it off" but when they do, if they do, we are either quicksaved away or are hiding in a hole
Meatballs 2013年9月21日下午9:04 
i like to FUS RO Dah randon adventurers
Meatballs 2013年9月21日下午9:04 
using unrelenting force
Praxius 2013年9月21日下午10:35 
Going into the shacks of the poor people while they sleep and steal / pickpocket all their stuff so they're even poorer.
PixelPainter 2013年9月21日下午10:55 
I love roleplaying, too, but I also love shouting jerkish characters into neat places with unrelenting force. You can try to shout them over, into, or through "goal post" places as though it was a sport. Fus-ball, if you will...Or Aldmeriball, if you only do it to Ancano.

Ancano is my favorite target (since he won't even become hostile from shouting for a majority of mages' quests).

There are frequently bandits that live in those busted two-level forts... Always one on the roof area by themselves, it seems. Just remember to shout them off a side you can easily walk to so you can loot them.

It helps if you sneak while shouting, so you can get the target up higher than with standing level shouts.
Angry Toaster 2013年9月21日下午11:29 
The most interesting thing to do is play it.
Hanomarkhan 2013年9月22日上午12:05 
I love in the travel when the random encounters turn to... !!!??? (Rrrr, bad english!!!)
Artorias 2013年9月22日上午3:09 
just run everywhere and search everyething!
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